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Ready for (Another) Digital Transformation

Listen Up, Project Management Teams

Just when you thought you had the last digital transformation down pat, along comes another. No, not an official tech revolution or daunting prediction (remember Y2K?), but a transformation of your own company, based on trends right under your corporate nose.

According to, staying current with digital transformation “will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department.” We’ve gathered a few examples and have highlighted areas where LoadSpring™ can help you stay ahead.

Adapt or Die

It may seem like yesterday that you invested umpteen dollars/hours/weekends on new equipment/software/training, but things change. To stay competitive, you need not just the newest business tools, but also the best. LoadSpring aims you to the right technologies and keeps you from chasing up the wrong Project Management Cloud.

Every Day is Be Good to Users Day

Brilliant user experiences lead to brilliant users. Lousy experiences make users grumpy and slow to adopt your shiny new applications or procedures. Lucky for you, we constantly improve the user interface of the LoadSpring Cloud Platform and our other innovations, all while offering 24/7/365 support for your apps, integrations and infrastructure. Productive users are happy users.

Innovate Faster

Is it possible to rush innovation? Not so much, but when new advances do come along, don’t wait to investigate. LoadSpring makes it a heck of a lot easier to try new business tools, because ours are tried and tested by brainy experts before you ever touch them. So innovations like LoadSpringInsight, ProjectMap and more powerful software are ready to run right out of the box.

Enable Your Remote Warriors

Field forces have to be cunningly mobile these days. But it takes more than just an arsenal of smart phones and laptops. For truly usable live data and project software, equip them with better technologies. For example LoadSpring ProjectMap is a map-enabled intelligence tool that displays your project status and site photographs; and LoadSpringMobile lets field users view and update data in real time from any device. Both features are available through our LoadSpring Cloud Platform to up productivity and success, not to mention your ROI.

Make Big Data Make Sense

The way today’s complex PM software tracks project metrics by the quadrillion, it can be a mind-boggling task to extract Business Intelligence you can actually use. That’s why we made LoadSpringInsight. This smart BI tool turns tons of data – even from multiple sources – into grids, bar graphs, pie charts and S-curves. And it’s built right into your LoadSpring Cloud Platform.

LoadSpring gives you all the Cloud Project Management solutions you need to create your own digital transformation in 2017.

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Looking Back

…at an Awesome 2016

With a client roster that’s been growing faster than an ant colony at a crumb convention, we had a heck of a successful year in 2016. That’s because more owners, and Engineering and Construction firms are learning the value of our industry-leading Cloud-based software solutions. And a big part of that is due to the increasing benefits of our specialized LoadSpring Cloud Platform (which we’ll talk more about in a moment).

The result of all this growth? LoadSpring now serves more than 4,000 companies and 100,000 users worldwide. To put that in perspective, we’ve helped streamline and cloud enable 100,000,000 projects, valued at more than $250 billion.

Read on to see how your enterprise fits in.

Looking Ahead

…to an Awesome 2017

Get ready for a truckload of clever changes in the coming year. Have a peek:

SpringBoard Gets a New Name

Good ol’ SpringBoard – our handy Cloud portal that connects you to all your apps and our Project Management solutions – is now called LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Soon it will have a cornucopia of cool improvements, such as:

  • Even faster response
  • Easier navigation
  • A new, streamlined look
  • Easier user provisioning and reporting
  • Less hunting and clicking to manage core tasks

SpringBoardInsight Renamed, Too

This potent Business Intelligence tool is now called LoadSpringInsight. As always, it gives you all the project intelligence you need. It improves and helps expedite decision-making with real-time data from multiple apps and clouds in the form of grids, graphs, charts, S-curves and more all in a single dashboard.

LoadSpringMobile: The Same, Only Better

No new name for this mobile device interface, but lots of enhancements for 2017:

  • A new function lets users see and update a large number of projects – without going back to the Project List and navigating to each assignment
  • The “My Activities” view can be filtered for three different look-ahead time periods (for example, 1-, 2- or 4-week windows)
  • No changes to the Status Entry view – it’s still an option for users who prefer to start their updates from the Project List
  • A built-in administrator functionality

If your team isn’t currently getting the benefits of LoadSpringMobile, remember that it’s a quick and easy addition to your LoadSpring Cloud Platform.

Plug-in Hybrids

Lastly, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the growing demand for Hybrid Cloud solutions! No matter what your Cloud opportunities are, we can custom-connect two or more private, public or other Clouds to work separately or together to fit your needs. You’re welcome!

LoadSpring is the only Cloud provider you need, no matter how complex your projects. Call +1 978 685 9715 or email us at with your needs any time.

When is a Map Not a Map?

When it’s LoadSpringInsight’s Amazing ProjectMap

What LoadSpringInsight does for Business Intelligence, its new ProjectMap feature does for global job site visualization. In the process, it makes other visual reporting methods seem, well… a bit shortsighted.

First off, ProjectMap enables visual reporting of project data from any application located in any cloud or on-premise connected to LoadSpringInsight. Not only that, you can instantly view (or upload) high-definition site photos and status updates of critical tasks.

Not Quite Teleportation, but the Next Best Thing

This new capability lets project teams “travel” to a project location using map visualization, complete with pan and zoom capabilities. You get the most accurate and timely project information – anywhere, any time.

This new feature connects effortlessly with project and cost management tools like Primavera P6 & CM, Unifier, G2, ARES Prism G2, EcoSys and Trimble Prolog. It automatically displays metrics and reports such as S-curves, Project Start/Finish Date, Percentage Complete, Status (red, yellow, green), CPI, SPI and others.

So when it’s time to oversee key project milestones (which is basically all the time) don’t settle for bland text, charts and numbers. Now your whole team can also punch up high-resolution site images, just like that.

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Our Newest Customers

Even more companies have joined the thousands of smart organizations that call LoadSpring their official Cloud guru. Check the list carefully. If you’re company name isn’t there, please contact us immediately!

Our Newest Partners

Brand Spanking New Hires

The Genius Stork has once again targeted our corporate offices. Say congratulations to our fresh batch of skilled Cloud fanatics.

  • Alex Blank, Software Engineer
  • Amy Schillizzi, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Carter McLennan, Software Support Specialist
  • Henry Welch, Internal IT
  • James Harte, Strategic Accounts Director
  • Joshua Chase, Manager DC Engineering
  • Lawrence Kamieniecki, Software Systems Engineer
  • Matt Small, Strategic Accounts Director
  • Melissa Allen, Internal IT
  • Michael Marcinelli, Software Support Specialist
  • Rebecca Humphries, Staff Accountant
  • Scott Cameron, Software Support Specialist
  • Shawn Johnson, Software Support Specialist
  • Steven Barrington, CFO
  • Thomas Kisiel, Network Engineer
  • Tyler Jutras, Software Support Specialist

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