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Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Industry Trends Worth a Closer Look

In Project Management, if you’re not ahead of the curve, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck behind the eight ball. These days, companies need to adapt to ever-changing business environments or go the way of the dinosaur. Check out these latest trends and apply liberally as needed.

What’s Trending – and Why You Should Care

Based on recent information published by TechRepublic, Project Management companies faced with mounting pressure to keep pace are wise to embrace best practices to stay competitive.

Trends to watch include:

  • MIGRATING TO EPMO—The new alternative to PMO (Project Management Office) business model is known as EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office). Firms are gravitating toward this practice because it’s better at aligning projects, programs, and portfolio events to achieve even the most ambitious goals. Does it work? Let’s just say that it’s helped Project Management firms from all kinds of industries gain 38% better project delivery success, with a 67% higher success rate. (Source: 2017 Project Management Institute report.)
  • A BETTER BEGINNING FOR STARTUPS—Every day, entrepreneurial ventures burst onto the scene, then either flourish or die on the vine. Those that thrive are tossing aside old-school spreadsheets and other low-tech approaches in favor of formal Project Management tools. Today, this specialized software, hosted through the LoadSpring Cloud Platform, helps even young upstarts harness flexible, integrated solutions just like the Big Boys. Higher efficiencies, reduced costs and better project tracking all serve as the “glue” to link multiple projects, meet lofty goals and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • MORE AND BETTER ANALYTICS—A move toward improved Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is catching on like antacid at a chili cook-off. With today’s pressure to meet KPIs and maximize ROI, more Project Management teams depend on powerful analytical tools. Enhanced recording capabilities – like those built into the LoadSpring Cloud Platform – help unify data from multiple applications into a single, customizable dashboard. Result? Execs can make faster, better-informed project decisions. Watch for more of this throughout the year.
  • REMOTE, YET NOT REMOVED—Call them telecommuters, teleworkers, iWorkers, or mobile professionals – they’re all striving for a better life/work balance. Omitting hours behind the wheel and working from home keeps them more focused and productive. One innovation that makes this possible is LoadSpringMobile, which is built right into the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. This easy to use platform gives all team members fast, secure access to powerful software and real-time project data. This way, project connectivity, efficiency and yes, employee happiness all get a major shot in the arm.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE—Smart companies are now hiring not only qualified people with strong IQs, but also with high emotional intelligence (aka EQ or EIQ). For example, project managers with a high EQ tend to be more self-aware, self-regulated, empathetic, motivated, and socially skilled than most. They focus on the team’s greater good and create a positive work atmosphere that’s more productive. And, lucky for you, your HR people can be trained to test candidates for EQ during the interview process. Google it!

The experts at LoadSpring, not only follow industry trends, they create them. LoadSpring helps customers adopt best practices that empower innovation and make Project Management simpler, faster and a heck of a lot more productive.

Find out more about where Project Management is headed.  Email us at or call +1 978-685-9715 right this very minute.

And Now for Something Completely LoadSpring

Our Global Cloud Has Arrived. Have You?

Congratulations – your Project Management software is all safe and snug in the Cloud, ready to share with your teams worldwide. But wait – just because your company is in the global marketplace doesn’t necessarily mean your Cloud-based app hosting is world class. It’s time everyone knew the difference between a generic Cloud and LoadSpring’s Global Cloud.

Check here to see what type of Cloud works best for your project and enterprise needs:


  • Sluggish app access: the application performance of many Clouds is too slow for global users located five time zones away from their data
  • Annoying multiple sign-ons: logging onto different web addresses for every new task burns up time, productivity and nerves
  • Sub-par security: without right standards, users in certain countries are helpless to access the data they need


  • Lightning-fast app access: enjoy optimized performance that’s at least 62% faster than generic Clouds, in the furthest corners of the planet
  • Single sign-on (SSO): no more logging onto multiple websites to use multiple apps. Users sign on just once using one master password
  • Security up the wazoo: the Global Cloud is perfect for companies with strict security that doesn’t allow project data to be housed in specific countries for legal reasons

In addition to these obvious advantages, the LoadSpring Global Cloud also can effortlessly host all your Project and Program Management software with access and support for 200+ applications.

Those who just can’t wait for more Global Cloud information can pay us a visit at, write us at or call +1 978-685-9715. Try out our new Build My Dream Cloud for an instant recommendation.

Filling the CM Void

Need Continued Support or to Replace Oracle Primavera Contract Management?

It’s the end of an era for Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM). This aging app has received little enhancement over the years and support is becoming nonexistent. But guess what? You’re still expected to keep paying the high price of maintenance, even while the product is being phased out. What now? LoadSpring can help you with your current software, or give you a couple of better options.

Option1: Status Quo + Cost Cutting

For your existing PCM licenses and support, we can keep hosting your version of PCM in the Cloud as long as you like. We can even help reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for an Oracle maintenance agreement. After all, patches and updates are getting scarcer than tyrannosaurus teeth, but we can keep providing the needed support. That way, you can still access and use PCM while considering an upgrade in technology and architecture standards.

Option 2: Move to Another App

LoadSpring is helping our customers transition to other apps for newer jobs while leveraging PCM with existing in-flight projects. This changeover model presents a lower risk because it keeps your project paramount. Yet, it allows the latest processes to be added to new projects—when they’re more easily adopted.

Moving from PCM means finding a product that’s feature-rich and customizable to your needs. It also means an implementation process that offers a higher ROI on your investment. We can help with both.

What Software to Consider

Remember CM’s handy Cost Worksheet? This killer feature helped track even your most mind-boggling, complex projects. Want to replicate it? There are really only a couple of choices:

Looking for additional app choices with similar capabilities? If you’re focused on EVM requirements, think about LoadSpring-recommended Deltek applications such as Project Information Management (PIM) and Cobra. Yes, there are other SaaS-based offerings, but they’re not as project conscientious. You could end up getting updates whenever the software vendor feels like it, leaving you to deal with errors in integration, compatibility, reporting, and usability. In other words, there’s a good chance they’ll put their own needs first and yours second. Luckily, you can trust LoadSpring to always put your project first because your success depends on project delivery every time.

Let LoadSpring experts help you transition from CM to whatever’s next—and best—for you. Email us at or call now at +1 978-685-9715.

Catalyst and LoadSpring: All the Right Chemistry

The Perfect Match: Construction Project Scheduling and the Power of the Cloud

We have a new partner – Catalyst. This top seller/service provider for Asta Powerproject and Oracle Primavera has joined forces with LoadSpring to offer scheduling software packages on our reliable, access-anywhere Cloud servers. Our new relationship makes it easier for construction firms to access any application, anywhere in the world, while eliminating capital costs and boosting productivity. Cloud power rules!

To explore partnership possibilities with LoadSpring, call +1 978-685-9715 or email us at

Events You Don’t Dare Miss

As always, LoadSpring brainiacs will be at the events most important to you. Come experience their latest Cloud innovations, advanced technologies, and guru-level advice.

Join us at these times and places:

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New Customers / BFFs

Please welcome the recipients of our Very Best Ever New Customer Award.

  • Hudbay
  • InCo Projects Ltd.
  • Witt O’Brien’s LLC
  • Georgia Pacific LLC
  • CIMIC Group Ltd.
  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • Department for Transport (UK)

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New Employees Taken Under Our Corporate Wing

Check out some of the gifted people who’ve recently tied the career knot with LoadSpring. These are the go-getters who’ve hit the ground running and are continually bumping-up our corporate IQ. Please welcome our newest smart people!

  • Timothy Burns, Software Engineer
  • Anthony Cervera, Strategic Accounts Director
  • Derek Creighton, Sales Operations Specialist
  • Matthew Dunn, Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Jeremy Neff, Enterprise Customer Manager
  • Alexander Renteria-Kunz, Software Support Specialist I
  • Nicole Rodgers, Software Engineer
  • Sarah Ross, Inside Account Executive
  • Richard Selznick Jr., Software Test Engineer
  • William Sword, Tier III Software Support Specialist
  • Mariah Witt, Sales Operations/Contracts Intern

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