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Making Business Intelligence… Well, Easier and More Intelligent

Trends Point to Smart BI Tools that Boost Productivity and Cut Costs

The whole idea behind Business Intelligence (BI) tools is to help you make better, more-informed decisions, right?  These days, your chances of being the smartest decision-maker on the block are getting easier, thanks to a new generation of smart tools that put insight at your fingertips.

Sure, there are plenty of these tools to choose from. Lately, more and more Project big shots are harnessing SpringBoardInsight, the newest BI gizmo conveniently built right into the SpringBoard™ – the Project Management Cloud portal that these pros already know and love.

Today’s latest trends in BI tools – as a whole as well as with SpringBoardInsight – show how project leaders are scaling operations up or down on the fly and being more responsive in the face of changing business conditions. Here are a few trends to look for.

Crystal Ball, Please

TREND: BI tools are becoming more INDIVIDUALIZED to suit all sorts of enterprises. No more one-size-fits-all – you want intelligence that’s focused to your goals. If your BI tools capture too little information, you’ll be starved for inspiration. Too much and your mind can fry like an overcooked frittata. The trend now is to customize these tools to show only the problem-solving data and performance indicators managers want. Nothing more, nothing less.

TREND: The Project Management community is finally seeing Business Intelligence tools prices COMING DOWN. There’s now more competition among BI developers, which leads not only to skinnier costs and fatter ROIs, but more sophisticated features to choose from.

TREND: Everyone’s getting on the SAME PAGE, thanks to a little thing called mobile dashboarding. Now all of your team members, no matter how far flung around the globe they may be, can share the same dashboard data regardless of what device they use. Whether it’s in the field, on the road or in that corner office with the killer view of the Hudson, the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing.

TREND:  More and more Project Management is happening ON THE FLY, in real time. Gone are the days when gaps in historical information, analytics and Big Data caused mistakes or delays in critical business decisions. With fewer potential errors, risk management has become more manageable.

Not Just Intelligence, but Insight

Our market-leading SpringBoard Cloud portal addresses all the BI trends mentioned above through its SpringBoardInsight intelligent dashboards. This valuable feature corrals all your data – even from disparate applications like P6, CM, Ares Prism G2, and Trimble Prolog – analyzes it, and puts it into a beautiful, easy-to-digest graphic format. You get the Big Picture and true business insight in real time.  SpringBoardInsight keeps you laser-focused on the metrics that matter, making Project teams more accountable and highly efficient.

Find out how SpringBoardInsight gives you the best Business Intelligence without ever leaving the comfort of the SpringBoard Cloud portal. Call or email us soon.

Cloud Provider Performance – Is there Really Any Difference?

Don’t Let Your Shiny New Project Management Software Get Bogged Down

Let’s say you’ve just spent a king’s ransom for the most mind-bendingly cool software this side of a Project Management convention. Expectations are high. And yet, all it takes is a sluggish Cloud provider to leave your users frustrated and slow to adopt the app.

You have a need for speed, to be sure, but how do you know you’re getting enough?

Recently, three major Cloud providers were tested against 19 performance criteria to find the best performer while installing Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM. The contenders?

  • LoadSpring™ Solutions
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure

For the test, both AWS and Azure were set up with the industry standard installation of P6. LoadSpring was set up with our proprietary “tuned” installation, designed to improve overall performance.

Results? LoadSpring was…

  • 72% faster than AWS
  • 62% faster than Azure
  • 100% proud of our big, fat speed advantage

Did You Know?

Out-and-out speed is essential, but you also have to watch out for gremlins such as…

  • Complexity of the applications
  • Size and scope of each project
  • The number of projects being managed
  • Business processes that aren’t up to software best practices
  • Cloud platform that isn’t optimized
  • Software/hardware in need of performance tuning

All of which means you need a Cloud partner with speed, technology AND expertise. LoadSpring’s competitive advantage takes all of the above into consideration, plus:

  • Finding and eliminating software bugs
  • Optimizing applications
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Knowing all database resources
  • Assigning dedicated platform experts to ensure consistent efficiency

Good stuff to remember the next time you’re deciding on a Cloud partner your enterprise can really grow with.

LoadSpring is the only Cloud provider that’s 100% dedicated to Project Management performance. Call or email us for all the specifics.


Go Ahead – Judge Us by the Company We Keep

Get to Know Our Latest Independent Software Vendors

Nothing’s closer to our collective hearts than knowing we provide the best cloud solutions possible for the Project Management Community. We work day and night to build proactive partnerships with best-of-the-best Independent Software Vendors (aka ISVs). By pairing up with these global experts, we’re able to continually host the most advanced applications – the very ones preferred by you and your project teams. To that end, we already host and support more than 200 apps through our SpringBoard Cloud portal, giving us unmatched experience with best-of-breed Project Management apps. Allow us to introduce to our latest ISV partners:

  • PRC SOFTWARE. This LoadSpring partner offers a unique approach to project risk management. They address both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, helping customers mitigate hard cost and schedule risk while also keeping track of other perils associated with software.
  • MONITOR. They are a specialist company providing and implementing software, training and consultancy for project cost management. Although they work primarily with the oil and gas industries they’ve developed products and systems that can transfer to fields such as construction, nuclear and mining.

But our partnerships don’t end here. Stay tuned for more big partnerships to come.
Learn more about our select cadre of app-savvy solution partners. Call us or log onto


New Clients, New Solutions

Progressive enterprises come to LoadSpring because they know they’ll get expert Project Management Cloud solutions, the latest technologies and 360-degree support no matter what. Who are these forward-thinking companies? Here are the newest:

  • Alberici Constructors, Inc.
  • Andersen Construction
  • Atkins Global
  • British Petroleum (BP)
  • Currie & Brown, Inc.
  • Flint Hills Resources)
  • James Talcott Construction
  • MasTec
  • Sound Transit
  • Turner Construction

Find out what our clients think about the leader in Cloud-based PM software solutions. Go to


LoadSpring’s Brain Gains Gray Matter

Look Who The Genius Bus Dropped Off at Our Door

Check out some of the gifted people who’ve recently tied the career knot with LoadSpring. These are the go-getters who’ve hit the ground running and are continually bumping-up our corporate IQ:

  • Allen Gigler, Enterprise Customer Manager
  • Bruce Jackson, Business Development Manager, EMEA
  • Cole Kerckhoff, Internal IT
  • Chris Love, Software Support Specialist, UK
  • Nathan Otto, Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Zach Rowley, Enterprise Customer Manager
  • Drew Senner, EVP Sales
  • Natasha Houston, Collections Specialist

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