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Big Challenges Need Bigger Solutions

In Energy & Utilities, Everything Counts

Let’s say you’re in the Energy & Utilities industry. You know that in this business, there’s no such thing as a “little” problem. Because when all your projects demand total precision, predictability and reliability, even a tiny glitch can lead to forehead-smacking delays and downtime.

To prevent system hiccups (or holy hell breaking loose) it pays to partner with a Project Management Cloud provider that knows your business. That would be us – the PM app and Cloud experts at LoadSpring.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve seen (and solved) your kind of complex challenges on a daily basis. We can help you circumvent project snafus, all while keeping your stakeholders calm and happy.

Tech Trouble?

No matter what your utility project or oil/gas/petrochemical activity, keeping up with the latest Project Management technologies has gone from a nice-to-have to an absolute must-have. But there’s only so much that your internal IT people can do without their core responsibilities slipping or even inviting pricey mistakes.

LoadSpring’s proven software solutions and legendary customer support helps your whole enterprise operate more efficiently and achieve better ROI. Imagine easy solutions for problems such as:

  • Lack of IT/OT Flexibility: An inflexible (un-scalable) software system can be a death knell for productivity and project success. Our solutions include:
    • The LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Connects all team members and apps while freeing your IT Department from many operational, tech support or maintenance problems
    • Integration with multiple apps, at your site or in the Cloud. Expect improved Business Intelligence (BI) and enhanced decision-making
    • Uniquely qualified experts in IT implementations and project solutions make the most of diverse software systems and promote best practices
    • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) give you access to our legendary customer support and assurance of specific RTO and RPO targets
    • Application agnostic with hundreds of project application expertise to enable you to meet the needs of your business units today
  • Aging Infrastructure: We’re 18 years into the 21st century – isn’t it about time you modernized the way you share and protect your data? Look to us for these solutions and more:
    • The LoadSpring Cloud Platform strengthens the safety of your information via multi-layer protection and firewalls while offering effortless software and data access worldwide
    • We help lower your operational costs by hosting key apps in our secure Cloud while maintaining and upgrading everything for you
    • Controlled upgrades: We make sure all your users get the latest software versions when you’re ready to make the change — not when the software vendor tells you to
  • Seasoned Talent Walking Out the Door: Retiring professionals and shortages in new talent are major pains. Projects are getting more complex; yet sharing your outgoing professionals’ knowledge with new team members is just as complicated.
    • We make it easy to adopt new technologies for easier transfer of knowledge from senior experts to younger generations
    • The LoadSpring Cloud Platform lets you save legacy knowledge from past employees and make it accessible to all
    • A more technological approach to business operations attracts younger workers looking for a more collaborative work culture

The PM brainiacs at LoadSpring not only follow industry trends and challenges, but they also create solutions that work. We help customers adopt best practices that empower innovation and make Project Management simpler, faster and a whole lot more productive.

Discover how LoadSpring’s Cloud-based project management solutions can help solve your unique industry challenges and improve business. Email us at or call +1 978-685-9715 now.

Why Cloud Penetration Testing Matters

These days, harnessing the Cloud for Project Management software and connectivity is a no-brainer – but only if that Cloud is managed, protected and tested right.

According to Forrester Research predictions, “…more than 50% of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation…” Along with this rise in Cloud use comes a higher risk of hackers penetrating your sensitive data and business apps. Now what?

How can your overworked IT people stay up on security measures AND test them for effectiveness? One of the key factors in security is penetration testing – the kind that drills right down to the application layer. This takes time and personnel that most IT Departments just can’t spare.

Lucky for you, our security experts and data loss prevention specialists are dedicated to your penetration testing. They have the expertise and resources to do the job right.

So, What Exactly is Cloud Penetration Testing?

It’s a process of monitoring app security, services and infrastructure and pinpointing your vulnerability to be attacked. This is not something you want to do alone.

At LoadSpring, our testing strategies help uncover weaknesses and attack paths – all while reducing risks and analyzing the impact on your business. These above-and-beyond strategies include:

  • Conducting rigorous 3rd party penetration tests based on expert review, not just automated examination
  • Repairing security issues before they can affect your business
  • Migrating vulnerabilities under the guidance of our cybersecurity experts
  • Upholding strict compliance with regulatory and government security requirements
  • Employing the most highly trained specialists in ethical hacking techniques
  • Maintaining top government security clearances, assuring that your critical data is always in trustworthy hands
  • Improving visibility into Cloud Managed Services with our CIO Dashboard
    • The dashboard is built into your LoadSpring Cloud Platform
    • Provides instant views of performance and data volume metrics
    • Real-time chart analysis shows how our Support Team enhances security

Penetration Testing Best Practices

When looking for a Cloud provider (assuming you haven’t already picked LoadSpring), make sure you’re getting the following:

  • A strong track record in helping organizations mitigate security risks
  • Penetration testing that includes:
    • Intrusion Prevention System IPS
    • Advanced firewall penetration testing
    • Antivirus bypassing testing
    • Authentication redirection and Two Factor Verification
    • URL obfuscation
    • Proper input validation for Cloud apps

LoadSpring offers ALL OF THE ABOVE as a part of your set monthly fee. We recognize that Cloud security is a shared responsibility between your firm and ours. With us, you always know your apps and data are secure. After all, our cybersecurity geniuses not only become an extension of your IT team, they practically ARE your IT team.

Count on us for one-stop penetration testing support by experts in all your apps and infrastructures. Find out all you need to know at

What Does the Top Global Cloud Look Like?

See How Custom Solutions Adapt to You – Not Vice Versa

Are you an IT exec or a project-level pro who’s dreaming of – but still not getting – your Perfect Project Management Cloud? It’s time to put the emphasis on business strategy and check into LoadSpring’s custom Cloud solutions and new technologies. Based on your exact project needs, we create tailored Cloud environments that increase your corporate and team performance, ROI and business success.

Going the distance with a major AEC firm’s global transformation

One of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional, and construction services needed to transcend organizational boundaries.  They chose LoadSpring to globally connect their PM software and provide a future-proof integration that delivers a competitive edge.

Take a closer look at the Cloud configurations they chose:

  • Global Cloud
    • LoadSpring migrated five separate Cloud environments into three primary Private Clouds – securely based in San Diego, Boston and London
    • The new Clouds provide seamless administration and project reporting across all enterprises and project app deployments
  • LoadSpring EcoSys Cloud (the world’s largest EcoSys deployment)
    • This performance-based Cloud is ideal for serious high-activity projects. It can provide access to 4,000 global users at a time without breaking a sweat
    • The Power Cloud’s dedicated hardware environment supports the demands of Jacobs’ most complex global projects
  • LoadSpring APM
    • APM stands for Advanced Performance Management. Our APM Cloud tirelessly monitors your system’s health 24/7 and makes intelligent recommendations
    • These automated diagnostics ensure that global performance meets even your wildest expectations
    • The system identifies any issues up front, so actions can be taken without consequence

LoadSpring integrates all your Clouds onto a single platform without disrupting projects or compromising security. Let our experts help you transition to a Cloud strategy today. Email us at or call at +1 978-685-9715.

Executive Briefing Breakfast

With the continued capital investment in the UK Transportation sector and the current interest in organisations adopting cloud-forward strategies, are we being shortsighted and heading towards an unmanageable Cloud fog? Look for your invitation to join us in London and network with your industry peers at a briefing breakfast hosted by LoadSpring’s CEO, Eric Leighton.

LoadSpring Solutions can help you navigate your way through this Cloud Fog to ensure the optimization of all your project controls tools.

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please email to see if spaces are still open.

Expanding our Global Presence with a New Japan Data Center

LoadSpring is thrilled to announce the opening of our newest world-class, Tier 3 data center in Japan that will help support our growing business in the Pacific/Asia region! This new data center will join our other strategically located data centers around the world (Boston, San Diego, Toronto, London, and now Japan) to help us better serve our customers worldwide.

Visit our website on September 8th for additional details about the impact this new data center will have for customers in the Asia/Pacific region.

Meet Us Up Close and Personal

It’s about time we met face to face and showed you all the things that make LoadSpring, well, LoadSpring. We are exhibiting in London at:

11/14—Project Controls Expo 2018, London UK

Come talk to our Project Management Cloud experts and learn how we can build your Perfect Cloud and maximize ROI using the LoadSpring Cloud Platform.

Keep informed of the events that matter most to you, your enterprise and your bottom line. Steer your browser to

The Incredible Growing Client List

With a customer roster of 4,000+ companies (and growing), we’re obviously doing something right. Put your hands together for these incredibly intelligent organizations:

    • The Baldwin Group Inc.
    • The Fulcrum Group
    • GSISG, Inc.
    • Halfaker & Associates, LLC
    • NewWave Telecom & Technologies Inc
    • TransCore

If your company name isn’t here, we’ve got a fix for that. Just call +1 978-685-9715 or email us at

Mind Magnet

There’s something about LoadSpring that attracts smart employees like Antarctica attracts Emperor penguins. Please welcome our brainy new LoadSpring Rock Stars:

  • Whitney Humphrey, Digital Marketing Specialist

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