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Still Not in the Cloud? It’s Gonna Cost You

Using Your Own People and Infrastructure Only SEEMS Cheaper

Good news for Cloud users. Analysts from Hurwitz & Associates Consulting found that the total cost of ownership (TCO) for business software is 77% lower for Cloud-based vs. on-premise systems. What’d you say? You’re still hosting your own applications? Well, that lovely in-house system of yours is actually costing you up to 77% more than letting a Cloud provider do it for you.

Fret not. Many Project Management professionals believe that any service that takes work off their IT Department’s shoulders must cost an arm and a leg. Not true.

Getting More and Paying Less

According to Hurwitz’s snappily-titled white paper “The Compelling TCO Case for Cloud Computing in SMB and Mid-Market Enterprises,” when you switch from in-house systems to Cloud computing, you get huge economies of scale.

After studying four years of data, the researchers concluded that the companies that purchased and managed their own servers, computers, applications and devices faced far more challenges and expenses.

What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Your System?

There are so many hidden costs with on-premise software deployment, even the hidden costs have hidden costs. For example: Project Management software titles are continuously changing and improving. What happens is your IT people struggle year round to update the software on all those company servers, computers, tablets and phones. Oh, and your infrastructure also has versions and patches that need to be updated. That means higher costs, more overtime, more downtime and more delays. (“Sorry boss, but my computer’s down for another upgrade”).

Everyone on the Same Page

Once you’re in the Cloud, your staff, project teams and administrators can stay connected with LoadSpring’s SpringBoard™ Cloud Portal. That way, everyone in your offices, at the jobsite or on the road can speed through their tasks and share real-time project updates as if they had a server farm in their back pocket.

Drop the Rock. We’ll take it From Here

Remember, when the Cloud-based Project Management gurus at LoadSpring manage your applications, your integrations, and your environment in the Cloud, you won’t have to invest in (or maintain!) all that IT infrastructure. We take complete responsibility for software hosting, migration, backup, updates and data security. And of course we support it around the clock for all your users.

All that maintenance and upgrading you used to handle manually now happens automatically. Suddenly your poor, overworked IT team has time to focus on the rest of their duties. Heck, maybe they’ll even take lunch.

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The Great Skills Shortage of 2015

Can’t Find Talented Project Managers? Build Your Own!

A good Project Manager can take charge of most any endeavor and get it done quickly, economically and efficiently, resulting in improved ROI. But what happens when the PM talent pool runs dry, as it has in recent times?

The Incredible Vanishing Project Manager

In a KPMG study on project scheduling and cost overruns, 79% of respondents said that the biggest roadblock to successful project delivery was a lack of skilled Project Managers. So you’re hardly alone. With a seemingly infinite need for talent and a very finite supply of experienced candidates, you may be left gnashing your teeth in frustration. What to do?

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

You can search for skilled Project Managers in the usual places like local recruiters and your trusty HR Department. Or, tap former (non-disgruntled) employees and scrutinize LinkedIn profiles. Either that or tape a Help Wanted sign next to that Lost Cat poster on the nearest phone pole.

Consider Creating Your Own Project Manager

What about the people in your own company that have a flare for the job, but simply need more education? After getting Project Management training, LoadSpring Academy can help. This Cloud-based institution has trained more managers, administrators and application end users than you can shake a stick at.

Training is through a series of 9- to 11-minute video learning modules that show how to master the specialized applications that lead to better decisions and management skills. Access is via our SpringBoard™ Cloud portal or through live workshops and “train the trainer” sessions at your office.

Either way, using the LoadSpring Academy can help aspiring Project Managers rise to the challenge while you wait for the latest skills shortage to subside.

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We’ve Got Our Eye on You. But Not in a Creepy Way

We Know Your Business – and How to Help

Don’t look now, but we’ve been monitoring your every move. More correctly, the industry’s every move. We’ve observed the trends, seen your toughest problems, and can tackle every last one of them using experience you just don’t see anywhere else.

9 Things We Know About You

9 Brilliant Ways We Can Help

Managing complex data-driven software is hard as hell. Versions change, security patches change, best practices change. Change is scary. 16 years of experience makes us the pro’s pro. Our setups work. Our security and updates work. Everything works. We laugh in the face of change.
You need answers in real business time. Your users are in multiple time zones. You need global support. You need after hours responsiveness. You need to know someone’s there in the dark of night. We have answers around the globe, providing unified support and fast solutions in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore. This guarantees there will be no monsters under your bed.
You demand experience. You thrive on industry software that’s configured and set up right. You want best practices in the Cloud, like security, infrastructure, ID management and SSO solutions. You want it all and we can’t blame you. We work with 3,000 companies and 90,000 users. Our experience with infrastructure and software deployments becomes YOUR experience. We know and deploy best practices right out of the box in weeks, not months.
You insist on application flexibility. You want the software best suited to your mission. You want integration solutions that work in-Cloud. And pricing that’s as flexible as a Gummy Worm. How’s 200+ in-Cloud applications for flexible? We carry practically every Project Management application title known to man, then cram them all into the Cloud, all accessible through your SpringBoard™ portal.
Accessing your applications is a bear. You have to deal with multiple application locations and providers, while coping with remote employee and contractor access. We offer single point of access Cloud applications. Our SpringBoard Cloud portal is a passport to all your applications, each one available only to the employees and contractors you authorize.
Your user training is pricey, inefficient, disruptive and gobbles up too much time. Other than that, it’s perfect. We give you affordable, single source training through LoadSpring Academy. You get accelerated learning and a curriculum that suits your needs.
License management is a love/hate thing. Mostly hate. Keeping track is way too complex and difficult. Plus it’s hard to get baked-in security policies that are up to the task. You’ll love SpringBoard license reporting. It offers easy, consolidated license management and tracking, consumption and adoption support, plus that warm feeling of security.
You have concerns with a reverse IT security posture. Your IT people don’t like security platforms that enable both inside-out AND outside-in access at the same time. Nor are they crazy about deploying/requiring ID management as a solution. SpringBoard acts as a bulletproof IT security wrapper. Our flexible but solid security policies meet all of your requirements. We are Soc Type II certified and offer critical identity management experience and advice.
Leveraging the Cloud is crazy-making. Which applications work better in the Cloud? Is a one-Cloud or multi-Cloud solution best? Is BYOS too risky? We understand Cloud leveraging. We know how to deliver optimal results while maximizing your Return On Investment.

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Human Bodies Discovered (Working Hard) at LoadSpring

They say that bodies in motion tend to say in motion. And that’s the way we like it. Meet some of the newest, most talented, hardest-working people in our growing staff:

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