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Can’t See the Clouds Through the Fog?

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Are you experiencing Cloud Fog? Although it’s meteorologically unlikely, it IS a real thing. Cloud Fog happens when you have software and data in so many Clouds – with countless control and security issues – that your enterprise gets swallowed up in a haze of complexity and indecision.

It happens all the time and causes IT departments to lose control when faced with:

  • Too many Cloud provider contracts to deal with
  • Too few IT resources to manage/update apps and infrastructure
  • Too many integration points
  • Too few ways to consolidate data into usable Business Intelligence
  • Too many locations to control license compliance and user management

Not a Problem Yet? Just Wait

Today about 33% of all your software depends on the Cloud. In the next two years, that number will shoot up to around 80%. With those odds, you can’t afford to get lost in the chaos.

Sure, you may be okay juggling a handful of Clouds today. But at projected growth rates, you’ll be dealing with 100, 500 or even 1,500 Clouds faster than you can say cumulonimbus.

As Fog Spreads, So Can Your Troubles

Watch for these telltale signs of creeping Cloud Fog:

  • Lack of app control (version and compliance glitches) Too few IT resources to manage/update apps and infrastructure
  • Poor integration between many systems Too few ways to consolidate data into usable Business Intelligence
  • Difficulty creating usable BI and a single version of the truth
  • Trouble automating repetitive processes across apps
  • Struggling to manage users and assets across apps
  • Incompatible processes, procedures and tools between clients and Joint Venture teams

Your Cloud-Forward Solution

You can avoid Cloud Fog by consolidating all your data and apps with a limited number of Cloud providers who specialize in your specific software categories. You know, like LoadSpring and Project Management apps. Here’s why we’re the right choice:

  • We’re software agnostic, with application know-how in all areas of large-scale worldwide programs
  • We offer unmatched application expertise in all key categories and apps
  • The LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM not only consolidates all your apps and data, but it’s also a major business value, designed to make future expansions far easier
  • Our legendary centralized support spans even the most far-reaching app portfolios
  • We put software version control and timing back in your hands – not vendors
  • Lightning-fast implementation and high-level digital transformations simplify and modernize your business
  • Multi-layer security includes continual data backup and penetration testing
  • We have the flexibility to ace all your compliance and disaster recovery needs
  • Precise interoperability: We get all your apps and data to work seamlessly for easy-to-access Business Intelligence

Long story short, it pays to move your apps and data to the LoadSpring Cloud before getting swallowed up in a dense project controls fog.

See what you’ve been missing. Look us up for an expert review all your Cloud needs at information@loadspring.com or call +1 978-685-9715.

The Millennials Are Coming!

The Millennials Are Coming!

It’s happening. A new generation of project management professionals (PMPs) is making its way into the workforce. You know – those adult offspring of Gen Xer’s, raised on smartphone video games, webcams, DIY videos and texting.

Now, they’re in their mid-20s and early 30s with fresh BAs, BSs and Project Control Certifications, raring to change the world.

To be competitive, your enterprise – and your approach to project management – needs to evolve continually. That’s precisely where this new crop of pros comes in, with fresh ideas and contagious energy you can’t afford to miss.

Are you prepared for these tech-savvy, multitasking wizards? Do you have programs in place to help attract, hire and retain these rising stars? Remember these tips:

  • Communicate On Their Terms: When recruiting, connect via email or text – they thrive on instant communication. Save those live interviews for short list hopefuls.
  • Pump Up Those Benefits: Millennials expect them. You’ll lure more candidates by offering flex hours, generous health plans, vacation time, etc.
  • Embrace A Cooler Corporate Culture: Provide your new Millennials with a fun, team-oriented environment, a relaxed dress code and comforts like healthy snacks; they’ll stay later and work harder. Just ask the recruiters at Google.
  • Be A Mensch: Today’s 30-somethings want a coach that will cheer them on, not a supervisor hovering around micromanaging them. Share your wisdom and set up your new hires to succeed by including them in your processes and decision-making, not to mention showing your appreciation for their new ideas.
  • Be an Open Book: Don’t save your feedback until review time. Speak up (and listen) in real time, when positive change is most likely. This generation expects frequent, candid conversations about their work.

Whether you’re a Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial or somewhere in between, if you’re in Project Management you need to know about LoadSpring Solutions. Contact us information@loadspring.com or call +1 978-685-9715.

Ready for EcoSys? Read This First

See How Custom Solutions Adapt to You – Not Vice Versa

Have you noticed? Loads of project teams are making the leap to EcoSys software. That’s probably because it neatly combines project portfolio management, project controls and contract management into one simple platform.

But unless this software is deployed and integrated by an EcoSys-specific expert, getting up and running can drag on for weeks – or even months. When you partner with LoadSpring, our EcoSys-savvy implementation pros will have your system up to speed in just days.

No One Does EcoSys Better than LoadSpring

Typical Cloud providers would like you to believe that their EcoSys software hosting is just fine right off the shelf. But LoadSpring multiplies the benefits of EcoSys apps in ways that no IaaS provider can.

Allow us to flaunt our EcoSys hosting strengths:

  • The Expert’s Experts in high-performing EcoSys Cloud deployments
  • Unrivaled Experience: With more than 6,000 global EcoSys users, we’ve created the world’s largest EcoSys deployment with our LoadSpring Cloud Platform (insert applause here)
  • Team Players: We work shoulder to shoulder with Hexagon, the creators of EcoSys, to optimize software performance for enterprises like yours
  • SLA Advantages: Only LoadSpring guarantees EcoSys SLA application performance, reliability and disaster recovery. Typical IaaS providers? Not so much.
  • Turbocharge Your EcoSys Apps: We deploy EcoSys applications in an environment that integrates them ideally to work with hundreds of other apps for maximum performance. Other providers don’t.
  • The Ultimate User Experience: The LoadSpring Cloud Platform, with its brilliant user interface, enhances all your EcoSys Project Management & Control applications. For example, it lets you access multiple EcoSys solutions with just one easy sign-on. The other guys force you to log into different locations for e-a-c-h and e-v-e-r-y job function.
  • Location Awareness: We show you where all your EcoSys users are via live global position reporting. You can monitor and control your team’s access and license usage in real time – a must for Government projects.
  • Do-Or-Die Support: Global EcoSys customers swear by our legendary unified support. It gives them a single source of truth for ALL support requests, response metrics and notification control. Our built-in Smart Support gives you a single source self-diagnosis. Our competitors expect you to call each individual software vendor for support.
  • Advanced Management Reporting tracks everything from usage statistics to license control, helping you maximize your software investment and compliance

When you’re ready to take the EcoSys plunge, let us walk you through a quick LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM demo. You’ll see that nobody handles EcoSys deployments faster or easier than LoadSpring.

Find out how the leader in global EcoSys deployments can help your company. Call +1 978-685-9715 or shoot us an email at information@loadspring.com.

Ready for Launch


By the time you read this, the new LoadSpring Cloud Platform Release should be soaring through the virtual clouds at record breaking Mach speed. Here’s what’s new.

You already know the life-changing benefits of using the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM but may not know how the platform is evolving to make your life simpler and more efficient. Company Administrators will love our updated User Management features and other powerful admin tools. For example:

  • Release lets you specify exact app assignments based on your LoadSpring contract, allowing you to stay in compliance with each software provider
  • You can see precisely which users in your company should have access to certain apps – and who shouldn’t
  • The process for adding new users will now align better with our software and infrastructure partners, authorizing individual users by name
  • Individual accounts that go unused for 90 days or more will continue to be automatically disabled, but now those remaining assignments will be automatically removed to make room for new ones

Of course, all your favorite platform strengths remain, like our legendary unified global access that covers your entire software investment. Check out Release soon!

For additional information about this new release, reach out to your smart and friendly LoadSpring Rep and/or visit loadspring.com/loadspring-platform-news/.

Our Booth is a Very, Very, Very Fine Booth

Sure, our exhibit booth is nice, but what makes it really worth visiting? That’s easy. It’s our hyper-intelligent Cloud and software specialists, all chomping at the bit to save you time, money and sanity when it comes to Cloud-based Project Control software.

Catch our next appearance at:

Keep informed of the events that matter most to you, your enterprise and your bottom line. Steer your browser to loadspring.com/events.

Meet Our Newest, Smartest and Perhaps Best-Looking Customers Ever

You’d think that with all the advantages LoadSpring has to offer, we wouldn’t have to resort to blatant flattery when celebrating our new business relationships. But hey, you can never be too careful, so please welcome our exemplary new partners:

  • Wharton-Smith, Inc.
  • Consorcio Mota Engil
  • ASE Holdings
  • NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc.
  • Williams Industrial Services Group, LLC
  • Lucite International

LoadSpring is always standing by and ready to help with all your critical software decisions. Reach out! Call +1 978-685-9715 or drop us a note at information@loadspring.com.

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