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LoadSpring™ Solutions and Austin Lane Technologies Announce Partnership

LoadSpring will now offer Austin Lane software in their portfolio of over 200-hosted applications.

WILMINGTON, MA – August 30, 2016 — LoadSpring Solutions, the market leader in providing complete and secure Cloud Project Management Solutions, and Austin Lane Technologies, offering a wide range of Managed IT Services, IT Strategy consulting and Workforce Productivity Software, announce their partnership. This relationship combines business efforts to provide customers with an intuitive solution that increases workforce productivity across an enterprise via LoadSpring’s SpringBoard™ cloud platform.

Dean Edmundson, EVP Business Development at LoadSpring Solutions affirms, “LoadSpring is pleased to add Austin Lane Technologies to our portfolio of over 200 hosted applications. Our unified cloud platform and applications services model will accelerate delivery of Austin Lane’s Time Tracking, Production Tracking and Attendance Kiosk applications. Through our partnership customers can expect quicker Time-to-Value as we will streamline the delivery of their products and reduce customer overhead to support their applications via our market leading SpringBoard Cloud platform.”

Austin Beaty, President and CEO at Austin Lane Technologies states, “We are proud to take this new partnership between LoadSpring Solutions and Austin Lane Technologies to an unprecedented position in the marketplace. By combining the powerful capabilities of ALMobile’s enterprise mobile platform and LoadSpring’s cloud based platform, we will help deliver workforce productivity data to people and job sites anywhere and everywhere.”

About LoadSpring

Founded in 1999, LoadSpring Solutions is the market leader in Cloud Project Management solutions that are fast and easy to execute through their patented SpringBoard cloud portal. With five Class A data centers, LoadSpring currently services over 3,000 companies with 90,000 users worldwide. Their Soc Type II security certification provides a highly secure infrastructure and cloud environment hosting over 200 Project Management related applications. LoadSpring’s around-the-clock dedicated customer support has led to a 90% rate of repeat customers in all industries.

About Austin Lane Technologies, Inc.

Austin Lane Technologies builds ALMobile™ the leading Mobile Application Software for improving Workforce Productivity. ALMobile applications leverage the most advanced technologies to provide fast, accurate, and efficient job site solutions. Designed to eliminate waste and improve profitability on every project, ALMobile Time Tracking, Production Tracking, and Attendance Kiosk are comprehensive solutions precisely engineered to integrate with every major ERP system. Started in 1999, with longevity in the marketplace as experts in the field, Austin Lane delivers enterprise mobile application solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Rail, and Power Industries.

To learn more about Austin Lane Technologies contact Austin Beaty, President and CEO, at a.beaty@austinlane.com or visit www.austinlane.com

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