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Oracle P6 Analytics Brings Insights to Everybody

The more your project has an impact on your enterprise as a whole, the wider the range of people avidly expecting information about what you’re up to and how you’re doing. You could spend precious project management time collating data and statuses specifically for each interested party. Or you could let everybody get the information they want to see individually with an interface that makes it easy to create reports, scorecards and KPIs to suit individual requirements. That’s the promise of Oracle P6 Analytics when linked to P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6 EPPM).

Play ‘What’s Wrong with This Picture’ – And Win!

Oracle P6 Analytics comes with an integrated database of industry best practice metrics and indicators. It lets you build intuitive graphs and geospatial maps to see if you’re on track, off the rails or somewhere in between. Proven methodologies underpin the insights P6 Analytics offers you. They include enhanced resource analysis, variance analysis, earned value management, and cost and schedule performance. And users can also modify the default dashboards provided and build their own, thanks to the self-service portal.

For Everybody Who Needs to Know

Another nice feature is that the security profiles and access permissions that you have set within P6 are also applied to P6 Analytics. So while you satisfy the needs and curiosity of everyone who are authorized to know what’s going on, you protect confidential portfolio and project information too. P6 Analytics is actionable business intelligence for senior, middle and project management, as well as project team members. Users can drill down into project progress, as well as reviewing history and trends. Potential performance issues can be flagged and project course corrections made in a timely way at any point in the project lifecycle.

Seamless Linking to Project Management

The entry point for managing projects is P6 EPPM. It covers all phases of project, resource  and portfolio management. It’s also where you enter the data to be used by P6 Analytics in its reports. In fact, P6 Analytics comes with the P6 Reporting Database for storing the information in a way that optimizes dashboard and reporting performance. If P6 Analytics reveals that a project is under performing or over budget, you can drill down through the data to find the root cause. Then you can launch directly into P6 EPPM from the P6 Analytics dashboard to make appropriate project course corrections.

Publishing and Mobile

P6 Analytics is built on top of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform. Using Oracle BI Publisher makes enterprise report formatting and publishing capability available for the P6 Analytics data from its P6 Reporting Database. Support exists for popular formats like PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), HTML and more. Managers and team members out and about can also consult P6 Analytics dashboards directly thanks to full iPhone and iPad support.

A Single View of the Truth

While it offers flexibility and diversity concerning individual user needs for project status and trend information, P6 Analytics also has a further key characteristic. It can be used as the exclusive business intelligence solution for projects throughout the organization. With the power of the underlying Oracle BI platform, P6 EPPM data can be combined with information from other related ERP, financial or CRM systems. Thus it provides not only different dashboards for different people, but also one unifying view of the truth for all.

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