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P6 Assessment: Don’t Wait Until You Smell Smoke

When your car is not performing as it used to and you rely on it to get to work or take your family out, you don’t wait until it breaks down on the side of the road before you have it looked at by a professional. You take it to experts right away to help determine what needs to be fixed to get it working properly again. The same holds true with your application investment in Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM (P6).

Many project-centric organizations use project-scheduling software such as P6 for their requirements to report upon and provide information to internal and external consumers across a wide variety of projects. Teams and departments within a company that use a common P6 database may also be using P6 in different ways. This can raise conflicts about the who’s, what’s, how’s, when’s and why’s of the data that is updated, scheduled and reported. Companies rarely take a step back to review the actions performed daily or weekly and the impact they may have on performance in the application. If those companies performed an objective health assessment of their projects, it is likely that they would find ways to improve and consolidate processes to make strides towards corporate efficiency. However, not every company has the skills in house to look in the mirror and perform that self-analysis.

At LoadSpring™ we have a group of certified experts that can help your company focus on improving the quality and reliability of your project data through a P6 Assessment. During a P6 Assessment our team’s efforts are targeted at, but not limited to:

  • Improving and documenting standardized project schedule development and delivery processes by reviewing the timing and methods by which our customers perform their work, to achieve better efficiency and reporting to management and customers.
  • Reducing the amount of enterprise and project data through consolidation efforts that will result in more accurate data, better reporting, and improved application performance.
  • Helping determine if using other or additional project management tools might be more effective in helping you to manage your business.
  • Optimization of the technical infrastructure on which your Primavera applications are hosted.

A LoadSpring P6 Assessment can be as simple or complex as it needs to be to meet your goals. LoadSpring project managers take the time to execute custom assessments to target the areas that may already be causing you concern. We often uncover other troublesome areas during the process that can be improved upon too. How do we do it? Just a few simple steps:

  • Reviewing your current P6 project management/scheduling processes and procedures.
  • Conducting interviews with key points of contact from executive management as well as with schedulers and the IT team to determine common goals and identify which processes need to be put in place or changed to address their needs
  • Reviewing your company’s P6 application structure and configuration within the tool by looking at: the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS); the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS); Project and Global Security Profiles; and many other P6 settings and administrative options that can affect your projects.
  • Summarizing and documenting recommendations on areas of improvement.
  • Implementing a plan for executing the accepted improvements and providing feedback on them.

Like a good mechanic, LoadSpring will walk you through the process to make sure you get the most out of P6 and keep you driving down the road of project success. Give LoadSpring a call at +1 978.685.9715 to schedule a P6 Assessment for your business.

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