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Powering Innovation in the Cloud-Based Projects of the Trailblazers

New ideas in the project business are vital for long-term success. Whether in processes, products, or services, they are needed for positive change and to stay competitive. Yet major projects and innovation may need a helping hand to get along. Complexity, risk, and a rapidly changing environment can make it tough to let go of familiar but outdated approaches, even when you know it’s time to move on.

The bigger the project, the more likely it is to be unique. Construction, engineering, transportation, energy, utilities – these sectors have some of the biggest projects ever seen. Sites and challenges can be hugely diverse. Even so, they still have more than just hard hats and fluorescent jackets in common. They also need innovative problem solving, often at all levels and in all locations.

Innovation in an instant

Black & Veatch is working to implement hyper-speed links for transportation at speeds approaching 500 mph. Working with Virgin Hyperloop One as part of the Missouri coalition in the US, Black & Veatch will bring transit time for the 250 miles between major cities St. Louis and Kansas City down to as little as 30 minutes.

This will be the world’s first hyper-speed transit system. There is no cookie-cutter approach to work from. Instead, the Global Enterprise Platform from LOADSPRING lets Black & Veatch meet constant changes in project planning, issues, and opportunities. Rather than needing weeks or even months to re-jig its project management, the firm can use LOADSPRING to adapt in minutes or hours.

New routes to customer value

As new 4D and 5D techniques take building information modeling to the next level, LOADSPRING cloud solutions help companies keep pace. CDM Smith is using next-generation BIM to develop and apply advanced models of groundwater systems in complex and industrial settings. LOADSPRING takes away the burden of running and supporting the software applications, so that CDM Smith can focus on its core business, adding value via virtual design and construction.

Ledcor is another major firm leveraging LOADSPRING’s technical expertise. The company is pushing the envelope in fiber optic network design and construction process efficiency. It helps its own clients put revenue-generating assets in place more rapidly, reduce operating costs, and reinforce solution longevity. By deploying multiple ESRI software environments for Ledcor, LOADSPRING also enables the company to meet data geo-localization and security requirements.

Indispensable, yet affordable and accessible

Economically, innovation must still be within each project perimeter. LOADSPRING helps project trailblazers make the most efficient use of their software, intelligently reusing user licenses instead of buying new ones. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM also offers users a “single pane of glass” interface. This makes it easy, fast, and secure for them to tap into the many different applications required to make their projects become reality.

And because innovation may be needed anywhere, anytime, LOADSPRING cloud-based solutions are accessible 24/7 via mobile devices like the iPad, as well as conventional PCs. Thus, BAM Nuttall uses LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM power to shift its own project activities into high gear, as well as those of its partners and third-party contractors. Stakeholders gain in proactivity, as ideas flow freely. Projects improve in quality and timeliness.

Successful innovation in projects and project management is available to all. Whether you already know what you want to improve or would like to find out more about examples like these, LOADSPRING can help you. Call us today or click here for more information.

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