Press Release | LoadSpring Signs New Channel Partner, Safran Software Solutions

Press Release in Cloud Project Management

Burlington, MA, USA., August 30, 2022 – As LoadSpring continues to expand our 2022 channel partner team, our latest channel partner is Safran Software Solutions. Safran is a 25-year-old company that develops project control software for managing complex projects.

Safran software applications are the most prevalent tools used for complex projects in many parts of northern Europe. Safran’s unique strength includes an appreciation of risk management within their scheduling tool Safran Project and their dedicated risk tool Safran Risk. Safran Risk has become the world’s leading tool for risk analytics and is a fast-growing business in many geographies. This focus on scheduling plus risk makes users confident in the forecast durations and costs they apply in any complex project’s planning stages.

Safran supplies software and services to the most asset-intensive sectors where complex project management is paramount. These include energy, particularly oil and gas (where their roots lie), transportation, public sector, engineering and construction, and even specific areas like clinical testing in the pharmaceutical sector benefit from their products.

Safran is dedicated to project controls software and develops this high-quality software in Stavanger, Norway, with offices worldwide. Their Safran Integrator closely integrates SAP environments for key customers using Safran-developed APIs. This allows those SAP customers managing complex global projects to enjoy the benefits of the world-leading scheduling and risk company closely integrated with SAP’s management of their supply chain.

Steve Kokol, Vice President of Channel Sales, states, “I am thrilled to be working closely with the Safran Solutions team to provide great risk and project controls solutions to our global customers. Safran’s 25 years of market leadership alongside LoadSpring’s nearly 23 years hosting project controls applications provides a perfect partnership and great value to our joint customers.”

Richard Wood, CEO of Safran Software Solutions, commented: “We at Safran are all excited to become a partner of LoadSpring. We already share many common customers, and the combination of their world-leading cloud services and secure, fast, on-demand access, coupled with our own experience in managing risk, duration, and cost scheduling for the world’s most complex projects, will ensure all our customers get the highest possible productivity and ROI, essential to the management of high-value complex delivery programs.”

About Safran

Safran is the preferred software provider for project control professionals worldwide searching for the tools they need to manage complexities easily. Whether you run time-critical, asset-intensive, resource-constrained capital projects or high-risk research and development projects, we design intelligent solutions that help you make the best decisions and deliver on time and within budget.

About LoadSpring

Founded in 1999, LoadSpring is a global project management provider obsessed with offering the highest level of managed cloud services. LoadSpring delivers expert project management and control solutions, fast data and business intelligence access, and hundreds of best-of-breed project-based applications. Data safety is assured through SOC 2 Type II security certification, providing an impenetrable cloud environment. LoadSpring customers and partners get higher productivity and ROI through our proprietary project platform while reducing the burden on their IT departments.

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