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Project Team Collaboration in the Cloud

Auto Archiving in Cloud Project Management

Competitive businesses collaborate better. When it comes to getting projects done on time, to scope, and within budget, people moving together in the same direction achieve better results. Several leading project management applications have taken this dimension into account, providing multiple role-based access and social networking functionality. But the collaboration and networking at team level could not happen without a solid, high performance cloud network.

Each of the defining characteristics of cloud networking – scalability, connectivity, resilience, security, and affordability – contributes to optimizing team efforts and maximizing results.

  • Small teams, big teams, huge teams… The world has never been so networked and the increase in links and access points shows no signs of slowing down, either. As long as the project management application supports the different devices, users can connect anywhere, any time, and with PC, tablet or smartphone of their choice. Correctly implemented cloud networking scalability handles 2 or 2,000 users (keep adding zeroes, if you like) without batting an eyelid.
  • Landline, wireless, 3G, 4G, 5G… While you may have to wait for 5G (2020 is currently the target roll-out date), cloud networking connectivity means different networking access methods and protocols are all inter-connectable and inter-workable. If you are on Wi-Fi with your tablet, your project partner is connected via an enterprise LAN, and your cloud-hosted project management app is hooked up via fiber channel, there’s no problem. The cloud network gets you working together instantly.
  • If one connection doesn’t work, use another. Because with the built-in resilience of cloud networking, if you can’t get wireless connectivity on your smartphone, you may still get 3G or 4G, for example. For applications hosted in top-grade cloud data centers, network connectivity and redundancy are designed to make sure collaboration carries on, even if a backhoe working close by accidentally slices a network link.
  • For your eyes (and your team’s eyes) only. Data travelling over the cloud network is encrypted to prevent snooping or other data breaches. Alternatively, users can encrypt data themselves before sending it up to the cloud system for storage or distribution to other team members. The right network access portal will also offer robust security and check the credentials of each user connecting over the network to access a hosted application.
  • Nobody has to pay an arm and a leg. Collaboration with large teams, possibly in different countries and economies, must also take affordability into account. Partners and subcontractors can often get onto the cloud network by using their standard Internet service, available in many countries for a flat fee and low cost.

With this cloud networking base in position, users can work together remotely at a team or functional level rapidly, reliably, and effectively. Project schedules can be defined and updated by authorized users from any location, downloaded by team members at any time, and used by all. Discussions, ideas, and improvements can flow between team members. Better yet, LoadSpring Solutions™, market leader in creating and implementing Project Management solutions in the Cloud will guide you through building your secure cloud network and improving information flow. LoadSpring Cloud Platform, their cloud based portal, is the platform that will allow you to achieve the 5 benefits highlighted above, among many others. But don’t take our word for it. Contact them and see how they will help you increase your Project Management efficiency and ROI.

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