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Quality Cloud Support Included In Design

IT Support IT is not free, any more than lunch is. When internal support struggles to satisfy users, enterprises often look to external firms like cloud solutions providers for an answer. Yet overall, companies are increasingly taking off their rose-tinted outsourcer’s glasses and facing a fact of life: the quality of cloud support depends on the provider and as such is highly variable. Results run the gamut from a swift, effective solution to a problem down to inadequate first-level support with little or no possibility to escalate (not good).

Support is Not a Bolt-On

When cloud support is added as an afterthought, disappointment for customers is not far behind. This approach makes it difficult for users to access the level of assistance or knowledge they need. Support calls become time-consuming and often frustrating, for both the user and the support person. Who is to blame? Some point their fingers at customers trying to get something for nothing, while others see this as shortsightedness.

Where the Real Cost Is

Whatever the cost of good support, poor support is likely to be considerably more expensive. Not only do users waste time and effort trying to unravel their problems, but their enterprise loses in productivity and profitability too. Customers who become dissatisfied with a cloud service can simply stop using it. Good support reverses both effects. So how can good support be provided?

Designed into LoadSpring’s Offering

LoadSpring designs quality, professional support from the beginning. That means making it part of the plan for hosting any new application. It means designing hosting solutions around the customer’s enterprise, projects, and requirements. This combination of flexibility and competence has already been a key part of the LoadSpring offer for the last 16 years, and will continue to be so in the future. It’s also an approach that is appreciated by 3,000 companies and 90,000 users that rely every day on our Cloud-based Project Management solutions.

Experts that are Accessible

The difference starts with level of access. Our customers get direct contact with knowledgeable LoadSpring professionals that are experts in the applications concerned and infrastructure. Our support team also understands what is at stake for customers at both a business and a technical level. Compare that with certain other helpdesk levels of service that use scripted or “canned” responses that take no account of the customer’s specific circumstances.

Single Source Support to Help Customers Succeed

Any project important or big enough to justify management via a powerful cloud-based application needs knowledgeable support to match. The same goes for combinations of applications, where a customer still needs to be able to contact one “go-to” person for overall problem resolution. LoadSpring’s single source support team does just that to eliminate support runaround and provide efficient, effective assistance. Then any hiccups that occur can be dealt with rapidly, helping each customer project to stay on time, on budget, and ensure software adoption. That in turn makes success a logical consequence and not a random accident.

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