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Sharing Real-Time Project Data With Your Mobile Field Teams

Mobile information for Cloud Project Management

How do project teams like yours maintain the real-time flow of project status info when your users are constantly on the go and may have to ocassionally work from remote project sites? Project Management teams are becoming more and more mobile every day whether due to frequent cross-country client meetings or constant project site visit requirements. This can cause a disconnect or lag in the project information that is shared with the team as a whole, creating project delays and ultimately affecting the bottom line.

Although frequent technological advancements nowadays help teams stay more connected than ever before, is there a tool specifically designed for the Project Management community? Fortunately there is.

LoadSpring™ is the market leader in creating and providing Cloud Solutions targeted exclusively towards the unique challenges faced by Project Managers in all industries in the private and public sector, particularly Energy, Utilities, Engineering, Construction, and Transportation. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform was designed with your needs in mind making it so much more than a Project Management software hosting tool.

LoadSpringMobile is an optional web-based solution built into the LoadSpring Cloud Platform that provides project teams with access to the crucial project information you need anytime and from anywhere. This means that users can access important applications like Oracle Primavera P6 and Contract Management while at remote project sites.

Some of the benefits of the LoadSpringMobile feature are that it provides a simplified approach to capture Project Activity status and the ability to work with any version of P6 that offers Web Services. It allows mobile and remote project teams to capture project status information via mobile devices while you’re out at project sites without having to buy a full P6 license helping lower costs in the long run. It can be accessed via any device, whether it’s your phone, tablet, or laptop, and works with all browsers requiring no Java, Citrix, or an app store download. It also adheres to the P6 Security Model and is flexible enough to add custom use cases.

LoadSpringMobile offers real-time information sharing that enables team members in the field to see only what they need to see when they need to see it. In addition, LoadSpringMobile increases company efficiency as it streamlines your business needs while also keeping your jobs running smoothly. The feature can also be fully integrated and is customizable so that you can leverage your existing applications giving your users the ability to connect to numerous databases and environments.

On top of all that, users will also find that LoadSpringMobile provides a broad scope of all ongoing project activity and is simple to navigate and operate as users can categorize projects and submit any issues or requests for information in just a few simple touches.

Intrigued by the project efficiency boost within reach with LoadSpring Cloud Platform and its LoadSpringMobile capability? Reach out to our specialists to learn more now at information@loadspring.com or call +1(978) 685-9715.

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