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Why LoadSpring Cloud Platform is Preferred by the ENR Top 20 Firms

One top building company using LoadSpring Cloud Platform for its project management portal might be a coincidence. Even two, perhaps. But when all of the top 20 US firms, as rated by ENR (Engineering News-Record) for 2017, use LoadSpring Cloud Platform, it’s clear that their choice is no accident. They want robust mobile access, LoadSpring Cloud Platform’s dashboards, and training capabilities, as well as the guarantees of compliance. They want the security, flexible access, and support for over 200 hosted project management applications only offered by LoadSpring™, the market leading expert in Cloud-based Project Management solutions.

The LoadSpring Cloud Platform is the best option for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies of many different sizes. While it is designed to handle the most demanding Project Management requirements and applications, they scale both up and down to be cost-effective and meet all your unique needs across the board. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform advantages that work for the biggest international players work for smaller and more specialized AEC companies too:

  • Rapid deployment of comprehensive solutions adapted to the company, program, and project concerned.
  • Fast, reliable integration between applications to save on IT time (and tempers) by freeing up IT resources and allowing them to focus on other activities that build strategic business value, instead of base-level support and problem resolution.
  • An operational, pay-as-you-go financial model instead of being a capital IT expenditure, making LoadSpring Cloud Platform-based high-performance solutions available to all companies.
  • Lower risk thanks to reliable, secure, high-availability online project management solutions and LoadSpring’s team of highly competent professionals who have expert knowledge of Project Management applications.

A few examples of other, measurable results for AEC firms will give you an idea of what LoadSpring Cloud Platform and LoadSpring might be doing for your organization too:

  • Productivity increases. Project members on different sites or even in different countries view the same information updated in real time. Schedule and deadline performance improves too.
  • More effective inter and intra-team working. Thanks to LoadSpring Cloud Platform accessibility and role-based user management, companies can also securely share information with partners and customers outside their own corporate firewall.
  • Overall IT expense decrease. LoadSpring’s hosted solutions are also designed to be more cost-effective than trying to hire your own staff – assuming you even knew where to quickly find the top-notch Project Management software professionals you needed.

Although we don’t have a crystal ball, we think it’s likely that whatever the changes to the next set of rankings by ENR, members of that list will still be LoadSpring Cloud Platform users. But whatever your own aspirations (there are many ways to succeed besides making the ENR top 20!), you will find it to your advantage to see what LoadSpring will do for your enterprise as well.

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