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Software Integration and the Magic of Shared Project Management Data

Remember “sneakernet”? In the bad old days of disparate applications, moving data around manually was often the only solution for sharing it. Proper integration of new applications can change that and dramatically improve processes and productivity. For instance, when contract management systems and payment systems are correctly linked, or when a procurement system communicates with the general ledger like it should, business efficiency can leap upwards.

Integration Choices

Some vendor applications, such as Oracle ERP, offer built-in tools for integration. These can include messaging, web services, and bulk data loaders. These tools also benefit typically from vendor support. However, even vendors can fall short on integrations between some of their own applications. In that case, a custom interface may be required – but not just any kind of custom interface. We want the advantages of stable, robust software development and continuing support, while meeting specific needs to help project management and associated applications work well together.

LoadSpring™ Capabilities and Integration Flexibility

At LoadSpring, we have extensive experience on over 200 sophisticated project management applications and related software. Better still, we know how to integrate them in different ways, according to customer needs. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to take vendor software limitations into account, while offering different integration points and data sharing. Single fields of data, multiple fields, one-time flat files, and real time data exchanges are just some of the possibilities we can implement to have data zipping backwards and forwards, as you need it to.

SpringBoard™ Actions Speak Louder than Words

Check out “My Applications” in LoadSpring’s cloud Project Management portal, SpringBoard. This panel displays all of your applications hosted with LoadSpring. Each one can be launched with a single click, in a List view or a Grouped view. The Grouped view collects similar applications under a heading that can be expanded or collapsed. Next, try the SpringBoardInsight Tool for Oracle’s Primavera and Contract Management (CM) applications. Display the CM data using pie charts or bar charts, thanks to the SpringBoard integration. Then connect CM to Primavera and Oracle ERP for seamless data integration and enhanced productivity.

Proper Authentication is Part of SpringBoard Custom Solutions Too

Not only are we experts in creating custom integrations like these, but we also provide standard and custom authentication solutions. For instance, when logging into a custom-integrated app, the user is authenticated by SpringBoard. Administrators can add, modify, and delete user access privileges to projects managed by custom-integrated apps, thanks to user provisioning features that are provided within SpringBoard.

No-Limit Integration and Data Sharing

From what sounded like a paradox – reliable custom integration with unified global support – SpringBoard meets your specific needs with a solution that offers robust, reusable, maintainable solutions. Now teams can access all authorized apps, input and share data between them, and get the support they need, all from one location, SpringBoard portal from LoadSpring.

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