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LoadSpring Expert: CSO’s Perspective – The Roadmap to Cloud Driven Business Intelligence


Getting There is Half the Fun

As Chief Strategy Officer, I want to listen to the needs of our customers. They often seek to hear my perspective and increasingly ask to learn about cloud-driven application hosting models and business intelligence (BI).  LoadSpring is poised to be at the forefront of BI partly because we can house and cleanse your data all in one place, where you can leverage it best. There’s a story to our road to BI and creating the map to getting your business equipped with it.

You could say that LoadSpring has been ahead of the curve for quite a while; we’ve been providing cloud solutions for over twenty years. For the past ten years, the trend has been that more and more companies desire to move IT solutions to the cloud. What I like about that, and what makes our company a key player in this digital transformation, is that this is all we do, and we do it across hundreds of global organizations. On top of that, we are unmatched in our ability to provide best practices across the industry.  We allow our customers to focus on their core business instead of project application IT initiatives. In other words, everyone stays specialized, which increases our customers’ competitive moats.   You can build and create without diluting your business model. As you do so, you set yourself up for learning from your data in ways that allow your company to operate ever more efficiently.

Mapping the Correct Solutions

The drive for getting to the cloud often begins with finding operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, and secure access to your applications and data anywhere. Businesses can differentiate themselves by staying focused on their core. This differentiation without dilution is what LoadSpring offers to our partners. Our cloud services give you the ability to offload big chunks of IT workload, allowing you to operate in a broader competitive mode. Whatever your cloud strategy is (including helping you develop one), we can help. We know you want your software to work and propel you forward, not slow you down. Cloud-hosted software is a step in that direction.

For example, sometimes software as a service (SaaS) is the right solution for a particular business need. There are some excellent offerings out there. People often find that SaaS can be problematic in functionality, limited access to valuable data, and performance. Finding the right fit can mean plugging client/server and web-based solutions into IaaS or a public cloud offering. This type of arrangement works well with CRM, ERP, and HR software. What also works well is a platform as a service (PaaS) that hosts traditional, installable software. This setup works nicely with high-end project applications, which is LoadSpring’s specialty. One of the many valuable facets of LoadSpring’s cloud-hosted services is the functional and technical management of the applications. We handle performance, updates, support, middleware, and hardware refresh. These cloud services are done transparently in the background, with no impact on your existing IT or your operations. Getting to the cloud and finding these efficiencies is an essential first step. Having access to your valuable data is just as important, if not more so; this is where BI begins.

Navigating the Ecosystem of Opportunity

What makes LoadSpring unique is that we are experts at providing all interconnected aspects of cloud services. We provide infrastructure, platform, security, applications, managed services, and BI (setting the stage for AI down the road). These services could easily be parceled out to 3 or 4 different vendors. However, vendors and associated data don’t necessarily play well together. If something goes wrong, it may take quite some time to sort out where the problem is. Finger-pointing may very well ensue before all is said and done, further undermining confidence and productivity. Our unified model ensures that your data is safe, secure, backed by uptime guarantees, and if you need support, we’re on it. No finger-pointing is necessary; we own it.

Supplying the infrastructure and ecosystem of opportunity as a unit means now your company can access analytics that gives you a competitive edge. For example, you have access to everything you’ve done (project data, operational data, whatever you have with us), all cleaned up and stored in data lakes and ponds. We can even import old data for you. Layering proper AI and BI solutions on top of that data gives you the tools to know what you should be doing another way in the future. This layer offers competitive differentiation that you can’t put a price tag on. This is a huge win.

Navigating to the Right Data

So how does one begin using analytics once the data is in place? It’s not a 1 or 2 step process. At LoadSpring, we break it up into seven stages.

  1. Business objectives. Our analysts and sales team work with you to thoroughly comprehend what you do and what you want to do in the future.
  2. Actionable data points. What does your team want to see? From executives to people on the ground, we help refine what’s visible and actionable.
  3. Data gathering. Where is the data residing? We sift through what exists and create the initial master source.
  4. Data cleansing. We clean your data up and ensure that ongoing data creation goes where it needs to go.
  5. Data processing. We help create the plan to process and exploit your data.
  6. Data connection. Hooking the data up to analytics tools. Analysis and production of that data on top of an intelligent solution (ex:  Power BI).
  7. View, examine, challenge, repeat. Once you’re up and running, we ensure the data is valid and suits your business needs; visualization and data points can be adjusted as needed.

All of our customers want to get up and running with BI, and they want it done yesterday. So as an organization, we’re putting significant effort into supporting this growing need. Not only do we support integration between our platform and existing BI applications, but we’ve also developed our project intelligence (PI) solution called ProjectINTEL. Our newest intelligence innovation allows deep insights into your projects, allowing for previously unattainable levels of visibility into operations, delivering actionable information quickly and easily. PI data feeds into your overall BI efforts, further benefitting your organization and your bottom line.

We’re excited to bring innovation to our existing partners, and we look forward to welcoming new partners into the LoadSpring community as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about cloud business intelligence solutions, BI/PI, or anything involving the cloud and managed cloud services. We’re here to help you to focus on what you do best.

Dean Edmundson
CSO, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.

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