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What Are LoadSpring ProjectINTEL & LoadSpringANALYTICS?

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LoadSpring ProjectINTELTM & LoadSpringANALYTICSTM are integral components of LoadSpring’s project platform and your journey to data trust.

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL was forged from a need by our customers to holistically view project/program data across multiple applications to answer their business questions. We designed LoadSpring ProjectINTEL to meet our customers’ needs based on a phased approach to extract, clean, build and deliver data. LoadSpring ProjectINTEL shows the health of your data during every stage of the process.

Because we understand the importance of data cleaning and visualization, LoadSpring’s data processing tools can help your company make more refined, insightful, and data-driven decisions.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

If you’re a leader in the architecture, engineering, or construction (AEC) space, you may be searching for better answers to your most pressing questions. But are you clear on which questions to ask next?

At LoadSpring, we know from experience that bad data costs money. How much money, exactly? In 2020 (already two years ago now), insufficient data cost the AEC industry 1.84 trillion dollars.

The risks involved with collecting and relying on insufficient data make AEC organizations hesitant to know which tools to use and who to work with to visualize and achieve their goals. We offer a different perspective on the subject: rather than starting with the data, begin with asking the right questions via LoadSpring ProjectINTEL™.

Why LoadSpring ProjectINTEL?

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL is the only system that can extract data from various applications and provide feedback on the health of your data during every stage of the process. 

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL provides a usuable data lake within three months and a robust data lake in under 12 months. LoadSpring ProjectINTEL ensures all of your data analytics are founded on clean usable data.

How it Works: Extract-Clean-Build 

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL is a comprehensive, data transformation process three-phase data processing procedure that uses a three-step process, Extract, Clean, Build,s within each phase: Extract-Clean-Build.

Getting to a usable data lake can prove frustrating, costing endless time and money, yet never reaching a place where you can access trusted data. Each phase of LoadSpring ProjectINTEL represents a milestone along your data journey.


Once your business questions and application source data is identified, LoadSpring ProjectINTEL source data and adds it to a data pond. During this process all irrelevant data like training, demo, or duplicate data is tagged is tagged and set aside so it can not corrupt your data hygene. 

Raw data inside the data pond it is identified as clean or dirty. LoadSpring ProjectINTEL, unlike any other system, reports on the health of your data during each phase.


LoadSpring ProjectINTEL Clean a two-step process:  We work with your team to create and apply configurable filters to run against your raw data.  

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL features a data cleaning process sandbox. Your sandbox allows you to simulate different data scenarios using yourrules and filters before moving to Build and ultimately your data lake 


The LoadSpring ProjectINTEL Build inspects the clean data and constructs homogenous aggregate project records in the data lake. The resulting data set exposes standardized project records that can be used for analysis that are application source agnostic.  

Data inside your data lake is classified as usable or unusable tying back to your original business questions. 

The Three Data Processing Phases 

Phase One (months 3-6)

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL can get you to a usable data lake in three months.

PHASE 1 key objectives are to:

  • Identify your business questions. 
  •  Identify your source applications. 
  • Extract and deposit relevant raw source data into a data pond
  • Create rules, filters, and models to apply to each data source.  
  •  Build homogenous aggregate project records in the data lake. 

Phase Two (months 6-9)

The objectives of Phase Two are data exploration and refinement. LoadSpring will work with your team to strategize a data remediation process and make recommendations for your internal data strategy.

LoadSpring ProjectINTEL is a collaborative process. That means that our teams will meet and check in on an ad-hoc basis throughout the process.

Phase Three (months 6-12)

You will have a robust data lake filled with clean, trustworthy, usable data by the end of Phase Three.

The third phase of LoadSpring ProjectINTEL consists of analysis and data visualization. We’ll access critical data to answer the business questions identified initially in Phase One. We’ll also get to visualize the data.

LoadSpring will provide usable data so you can answer your business questions. You’ll then have access to your data lake and can build data visualizations and dashboards inside LoadSpring Cloud Platform or import that data into a different tool.

What Is LoadSpringANALYTICS?

LoadSpringANALYTICS™ is a data visualization tool for actionable analytics.

Visual models and data representations help determine outcomes, improving your ROI. It’s essential to visualize the data you need to avoid pitfalls and course-correct before any overages occur.

If your organization is using S-Curves today, not only can LoadSpringANALYTICS: Automated S-Curves automate them, but we also provide trusted data so you can look forward—rather than in the rearview mirror.

LoadSpringANALYTICS will help define the next phase of your data journey to AI.

The Art & Science of Data Visualization

There’s a lot to the art and science of data visualization. Still, we’ll let ‘the father of data visualization,’ Edward Tufte, speak for us: “See with fresh eyes. Do not go lazy into default models, justified by ‘We’ve always done it this way’ — words that end thought, censor deviations, block searches for alternatives.”

In The Thinking Eye, Tufte emphasizes the importance of skepticism, asking, “How do you know that?”

We’ll pose that question to you, too, if you choose to come with us on this LoadSpring ProjectINTEL and LoadSpringANALYTICS journey. But it’s up to you.

LoadSpring’s thorough, guided data collection process yields more advanced analytics than more conventional data analysis methods. If you’d like to learn more about how you can take the art and science of data visualization to the next level, we’ll show you how to get started.

According to the Tao Te Ching, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Take the first step in your analytics journey. Contact LoadSpring today.

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