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LoadSpring Answers: What is Application Rationalization?

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In this installment, we break down exactly what goes into application rationalization.

Application rationalization is the practice of strategically identifying and cataloging business applications to determine which applications you should keep, replace, retire, or consolidate. As a result, it helps lower costs and improves efficiency.

How to Build a Successful Application Rationalization Process?

This process requires three steps:

  • Inventory: identify what applications exist, who’s using them, and how everything is deployed.
  • Performance assessment: analyze the quality of each application and determine the return-on-investment for each of them.
  • Streamlining: rank your applications based on their value and functional fitness within the organization, remove low-value applications, or replace them with modern, high business value applications.

Once your overall app rationalization process is complete, make sure to do an entire application inventory once or twice per year.

Does Your Organization Need Application Rationalization?

It helps support your short and long-term efficiency goals. The benefits of this include:

  • Reduce IT costs: IT application rationalization decreases complexity and lowers IT spend
  • Save time on training: fewer applications means less training, less support, and less maintenance!
  • Increase efficiency: streamline your applications to encourage team members to become more familiar with them and use them to their full potential

LoadSpring can support this process by providing you with the right mix of software that your teams need. Before you decide on your mix, your end users can test the software to choose the right solutions. We take the time to assist with your application rationalization, build a secure and fully supported ecosystem, and ensure your software is deployed quickly to your teams. Contact us to learn more!

LoadSpring’s expertise in managed cloud services is unequaled. If you’d like to find out more, click here to contact us today. Or call us directly: US + 1 978-685-9715 | UK + 44 800 088 5889.

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