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Why you should SaaS-enable your apps & why LoadSpring and PAL are the way to go

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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to the cloud we go! Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and customers across the globe have already embraced cloud computing services for many reasons. Traditional data centers still have a role to play, but with the right managed cloud services partner, cloud agility, scalability, resilience, performance, and security surpass the capabilities of many onsite installations. And the cloud also enables new licensing models for software vendors.

It makes sense for application developers and software companies to add cloud versions of their offerings. As an independent software vendor (ISV) and with LoadSpring as your partner, you can harness the power of the cloud to:

  • Increase your market penetration and revenue growth
  • Accelerate your software sales to new and existing customers
  • Boost your customer satisfaction through increased choice and new services
  • Stay focused on product innovation

But how do you move your applications to the cloud in the easiest, surest way possible? How do you make sure a SaaS version of your software will bring you business advantage without mushrooming support requirements or becoming a distraction from your core business? That’s where Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring (the PAL program) can help you significantly.

Where is Software as a Service (SaaS) headed in 2022?

Any business decision needs first to consider facts and forecasts. Figures from technological research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc show that SaaS alone accounts for between 35% and 38% of total projected worldwide cloud spend for 2020, 2021, and 2022 (with SaaS at more than US $171 billion for 2022).

Research has also found that:

Why is the SaaS market and adoption growing like this? Contributing factors include:

  • SaaS licensing models let customers provide approved software solutions for many diverse requirements within their organizations, with no need for expensive dedicated servers onsite
  • In projects and other environments, SaaS solutions are easier and more cost-effective to spin up and spin down, favoring adoption and usage overall
  • The right cloud platform provider – like LoadSpring – can integrate different SaaS solutions to help everybody win, including customers and individual ISVs

Why choose LoadSpring and PAL to SaaS-enable your apps?

Here’s a dilemma. Do we act all coy even though we know we lead the market with LoadSpring Cloud Platform and PAL (Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring)? Or do we cast modesty to the winds and just lay out all the stunning advantages? We figured you’d rather know about the great ways we can help you! For example:

  • Our experts in hosting project controls applications SaaS-enable apps like yours, every day
  • We know what your customers expect and how to optimize performance of your apps in the cloud
  • We make transformation to SaaS fast and easy
  • We handle support to free up your dev teams so they can keep focusing on value-added customer functionality
  • We help train your people on selling your SaaS solution in the cloud
  • We provide co-marketing support for your SaaS solution and your business

Ready to SaaS-enable your software now? Contact LoadSpring today and move forward to even better business!

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