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Yesterday, There Was No Cloud to Take Your IT Pain Away. But Now…

The cloud is here to stay! When it comes to the cloud, things look a lot brighter for IT departments everywhere. You might remember the bad old days of IT, when enterprises like yours had to host and manage their own project management software. The resulting chaos stressed out project managers and IT staff alike. Acquiring and installing applications was painful. Deployment seemed to take forever. Maintenance was misery and attempts to get support gave new depth to the word “futility!”

Freedom for Your IT Department

Some enterprises still spend up to 70 percent of their IT budget on maintenance and similar daily on-premise chores. That means 70 percent that cannot contribute to adding value, innovating, or giving the enterprise a competitive edge. The LoadSpring™ approach is significantly different. We specialize in running and maintaining high-quality hosted solutions to let your IT department get its soul back (and a life)! As any of our 3,000 customers will tell you, we know how to build a cloud solution that will meet with the approval of you IT team and your end-users:

  • We make it scalable with a single web-based platform that all your people can access, all of the time.
  • We make it work in the real world. We do more than just beam your software into the cloud and jam your users into it. We customize our solutions to work with your business objectives.
  • We make it secure. Our Class-A Data Centers adhere to strict ISO and SOX standards and have disaster-proof back-up and recovery procedures. Anything less could compromise your data, proprietary practices, or your reputation.

In addition, everything we do is aimed at keeping your enterprise more productive, efficient, and profitable, with a big, fat return on your software buck.

Freedom from Your IT Department

It works the other way around too. Thanks to LoadSpring, users can now access applications they need rapidly and cost-effectively. They no longer have to wait for the IT department to clear its backlog of tasks and user demands. Neither do they have to put up with a helpdesk that is swamped out or in-house IT technicians that are being pulled in N directions at the same time and may not know the application. LoadSpring support is designed to fit your company, your users, and your needs. We could say our support is legendary, but we’ll just let our 90,000 users worldwide say it for us.

Freedom to Do and Improve Your Business

LoadSpring won’t replace your IT department. Your enterprise will still be full of opportunities for you IT team to develop web-based HR systems, smart customers service portals, business intelligence apps, and the like. Instead, LoadSpring will look after things that stopped them from displaying that kind of creativity and innovation before. Those stormy do-it-yourself days can be history. With LoadSpring’s Cloud-based Project Management Solutions and as the Beatles put is; “Here Comes the Sun!”

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