Your New Best Friend: Sam Bechar

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You can’t help but like Sam Bechar, our new Director of Customer Support at LoadSpring. He’s a born problem-solver, bent on keeping customers happy, if not ecstatic. And he’s developing all the processes, procedures and systems to make it happen.

Sam hails most recently from Deltek Corporation where he was Director of Global Customer & Technical Support. He’s spent a huge chunks of his life devoted to building solid customer dialogs for companies like Segue Software, Lernout & Hauspie, Brooktrout Software and of course the past nine years with Deltek.

What sets Sam apart is his fervent passion for customers, which reflects our own culture of building relationships that stand the test of time. We’re lucky to have him.

More New LoadSpringers

 Our global family of zealous (some say fanatical) experts never seems to stop growing. As living proof, allow us to introduce the new people who’ve joined us in the last quarter alone:

Jeremy Amsler, Customer Support Specialist
Sam Bechar, Director of Customer Support
Randy Catiller, Software Engineer
Gray Childs, Strategic Accounts Director
Regina DeCarlo, Major Account Executive II
Ernie Gagnon, Customer Support Specialist
Crystal Gosa, HR/Hiring/Training Specialist
Kate Moraff, Software Systems Administrator

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