How the B2W and LoadSpring Partnership Empowers Heavy Civil Construction Companies

From dirt, materials, and tools, with skillful engineering and construction, your company builds roads, bridges, tunnels – you name it! Your success depends on pricing those projects for value to your customer and profitability for your enterprise. Then, carrying out the projects within budget, schedule, and scope.

For more than 5 years, B2W Software and LoadSpring have partnered to help heavy civil construction companies get excellent results from their investments in the estimating, scheduling & dispatching, field tracking, equipment maintenance, and safety capabilities of B2W’s ONE Platform.

Our combined years of practical know-how ensure greater efficiency, agility, and cost savings for you and your company. Together, we can help you solve problems and achieve goals in ways you may not have imagined possible.

Unified by a single operational database, B2W ONE Platform can be rapidly deployed by contractors of all sizes on-premise or in the B2W Cloud, powered by LoadSpring Cloud Platform. The combined solution brings construction companies a more productive and profitable way of working in several ways:

  • Enter data just once, cut out the risk and waste of duplicate data entry
  • Improve your bidding accuracy and speed
  • Set up and transfer your bid data seamlessly to communicate critical milestones
  • Link your field data directly to your other systems, like accounting and ERP
  • Analyze daily performance data compared to project estimates for better decision making
  • Apply real project cost management data from the field to hone bids for future projects


Providing the backbone for B2W’s Cloud solution, LoadSpring Cloud Platform offers a powerful, flexible cloud interface for even better project management, control, and adaptability. LoadSpring Cloud Platform lets B2W Cloud customers optimize performance while reducing their own IT requirements and lowering security risks thanks to industry-leading cloud hosting.

With B2W Cloud, powered by LoadSpring Cloud Platform, you can access B2W Software safely and easily from anywhere. COVID restrictions have pushed organizations of all kinds to rethink IT connections for their users. Whether a team member is working from an office, in the field, or from home, LoadSpring offers intuitive access. The frequent updates to B2W Software are available immediately to users, making it easy to ensure everyone is using the latest version.

  • Scalability with cloud resources that grow with your needs as an organization
  • Real-time geo-site mapping, creating maps from location-based project data for easy visualization and identification of trends and opportunities
  • Simple, effective integration and secure data-sharing with other software applications
  • Automated data backup for rock-solid reliability with full disaster recovery options
  • Business intelligence with LoadSpringANALYTICS, the ultimate cloud business intelligence solution for construction and project companies
  • Data lake capability for scalable storage to handle any amount of data and develop the agility to deliver project and business insights faster


Cougar Companies quits spreadsheets for B2W and LoadSpring-powered B2W Cloud advantages

Click this link to see how Shane Meaker of Cougar Companies struck gold by replacing labor-intensive spreadsheet estimating to use B2W Estimate hosted on B2W Cloud instead. The quantum leap in bidding speed and accuracy led to a five-fold increase in divisional revenue with real costs “right on the money for nine out of ten projects and very close on the tenth.”

Pinto Construction Services pays less for B2W estimating power via B2W Cloud

Find out via this link why James Panepinto decided to move their B2W Estimate and B2W Track software to B2W Cloud hosting, powered by LoadSpring Cloud Platform. His company now gets enterprise horsepower when using B2W Software without the cost, time, and effort of maintaining its servers. New capabilities and efficiencies have bottom-line value for Pinto with the performance, security, and reliability that Pinto needs.

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The LoadSpring and B2W partnership focuses on the customer, meaning companies like yours. B2W Cloud, powered by LoadSpring, has everything you need to run B2W software securely and cost-efficiently. The added value of B2W Cloud powered by LoadSpring technology and services further enhances your software investments through a four-point blueprint for business success.

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