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B2W’s Operational Networked Elements (ONE) – Streamlining Construction Projects

Take a unified software suite that gives construction companies a complete vision of all their projects. Make it accessible in the cloud with the highest levels of security, availability and service. Have employees and contractors up and running in days, not weeks or months, and all without labor-intensive installation or deployment. That’s what the combination of ONE (Operational Networked Elements from B2W Software) and the SpringBoard 7.0 portal from LoadSpring offers to customers.

The combination was recently honored in the industry awards competition of the Business Intelligence Group, held to recognize companies innovating in the cloud. Congratulations to B2W on winning the prestigious 2014 Stratus Award, Hosting Provider of the Year. As the solution’s cloud provider, LoadSpring takes great pride in this partnership and joint solution award.

More than Just ‘Integrated’ – ONE is Truly Unified

There’s a difference between trying to bolt together different software components, and designing a purpose-built software suite that is properly unified from the start. The elements in ONE work together to give everybody up-to-date, relevant project information at every moment. There are four main modules: B2W Estimate and (grouped together in B2W Operational Suite) B2W Dispatch, B2W Track and B2W Maintain. Together, they let executives, estimators, dispatchers, field workers and mechanics focus on the essentials of managing, progressing and completing construction projects to everybody’s satisfaction.

Solid Software Foundations for Streamlined Operations

Buildings need rock solid bases. So does software on which a company depends for its project success. ONE is built on industrial-strength Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology. It has smart single sign-on capability to make access both easy and secure. It accelerates the estimating and bidding processes. It simplifies the logistics of managing major construction projects. And it offers convenient, real time access to managers and operatives who are on site or out and about, thanks to laptop and tablet interfaces. All project information is safely and securely stored in the ONE database. That means visibility and collaboration between authorized users, yet protection of integrity and confidentiality.

Even Better in the Cloud – Award-winning ONE and SpringBoard 7.0

B2W ONE in the cloud speeds deployment and lets construction companies easily scale to accommodate additional users. SpringBoard then provides ONE users with an intuitive interface, real time geo-site mapping for improved performance and access to further powerful cloud-based project management functionality.

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