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Getting Your Users to Buy into the Software Solution You Bought for Them

How sad is shelfware? Software that ends up on the shelf (meaning nobody uses it) can be anything from a minor annoyance to a huge and tragically missed opportunity. After all, just think – you invested time, effort, and money into applications that you selected with loving care and attention to provide your team project management solutions to be more productive. And after all that, you’re going to let it end up as shelfware gathering digital dust?

Heck, no! Hold onto your coffee cup, because we will now show you software adoption steps to ensure each solution gets universal two-thumbs-up ratings from your users, as well as bringing you demonstrable added business value. Warning: This will also make you look good, so be prepared for scenes of adulation in the lobby, epic poems written in your honor, and the like.

  • Step #1. Explain clearly and succinctly to your target users why the software you want to introduce is such a great idea. Remember that besides wanting to know about the benefits of productivity and profitability for your enterprise, your audience will also have another key question you must answer: WIFM or “What’s in It For Me?” So if the software also lets them do more, earn more, save effort, get back in time for dinner most nights, or whatever, be sure to let them know.
  • Step #2. Go beyond the functional fitness of the software and get approval from your constituents about the user interface before you sign any contractual licensing agreement. In cloud based project management software for instance, two different vendors may offer similar capabilities, but different user experiences. Find out which one pleases your users best.
  • Step #3. Configure the software to meet your users’ needs. Loadspring has a team of cloud project management software experts ready to make sure each application that you choose is deployed precisely for optimal results for your users in particular.
  • Step #4. Offer your users registration with the application in the way that best suits them and you. Via LoadSpring Cloud Platform, you can add users individually as they put their hands up to say “Me too!” and register users in bulk via a spreadsheet. You can also let users easily register themselves.
  • Step #5. Give your users the training they need on the software. That means training now, training into the future, training that continually supports their learning curve. The LoadSpring Academy is integrated into LoadSpring Cloud Platform for all your training needs on the applications you have selected.
  • Step #6. Track adoption and encourage! The license tracking and management capabilities built into LoadSpring Cloud Platform will let you see which software is being used, who is using it, and the exact location from which they are accessing it.

To conclude, LoadSpring is with you every step of the way to successful software adoption across your entire user base, so that your company and its employees get the full benefit of industry-leading software for project management and more.

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