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Manufacturing Profits with Managed Cloud Services

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We’re entering a new manufacturing era. It’s all about agile production with efficient, resilient supply chains to keep up with the changing business environment. Product lifecycles that used to last for years are now only months, weeks, or even just days. The need for individualized offerings for customers and omnichannel networks make it essential for you to streamline and reinforce your supply, production, logistics, and delivery.

The 2021 State of Manufacturing Report shows that out of the manufacturing companies surveyed:

  • 40% are investing in sustainable manufacturing
  • 54% are accelerating new product innovation
  • 68% are improving supply chain resilience

Business initiatives like these can help improve your productivity, profitability, and competitive strengths. Overall digital transformation of your facilities and your processes is the strategic key. The 2021 State of Manufacturing Report also states, “95% agree that digital transformation of manufacturing is essential to their company’s future success”. Managed cloud services then provide tactical solutions.

In addition, the recent health crisis has pushed manufacturers to adapt faster to changes in the market, workforce, and regulations. Yet digital transformation can be tough. Developing or hiring digital-savvy talent may be a challenge. Finding investment capital can be hard. Digitalizing manual processes, rigid infrastructure, and legacy systems is often daunting. Overcoming resistance to change can be a real battle.

So, how can you manage your digital transformation?

Here’s the answer. Each part of your digital transformation is a project. LoadSpring is the industry-leading specialist in cloud-hosted project management solutions. Our LoadSpring Cloud Platform offers a huge choice of hosted apps, available to you without a large upfront investment. Our expert LoadSpring Sherpas accompany you on your cloud project journey, helping you to smooth change and optimize your returns on your digital transformation.

Opportunities for rapid payback in manufacturing with project apps on the LoadSpring Cloud Platform include:

  • Facility/equipment shutdown, turnaround, maintenance planning, and scheduling
  • Cost management of projects
  • Facility management project planning
  • IT project planning
  • Project cost control, safety analysis
  • New product CAD design planning
  • Equipment monitoring

For example, one LoadSpring customer uses the EcoSys application hosted by LoadSpring. The app’s project planning and cost-tracking functionality empower maintenance management for the customer with efficiency and smooth turnarounds. The customer also integrates cost and forecasting data from EcoSys with data from its Maximo, P6, and P6 Team Member apps for at-a-glance dashboard displays of project and asset cost and execution impacts. See more about LoadSpring Cloud Platform advantages here, including applications hosted, performance, support, and security.

The future for manufacturing looks even brighter with Industry 4.0 and revolutionary technologies like:

  • Big Data and AI analytics
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing
  • Autonomous robots 
  • Simulation/digital twins

Pick a technology. Its implementation will be a project. And LoadSpring managed cloud services can help you manage each such project to a successful outcome.

Accelerate your digital transformation benefits today.

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