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Why Now is the Time to Use Building Information Modeling Software

In architecture, engineering, and construction, projects are now being done digitally from start to finish. Software now drives everything from the initial plans, 3D sketches, checks for regulatory compliance, takeoffs, cost estimates, and even the operations and maintenance life cycle of a building.

If you want to reap all these benefits from a single application, your best bet is adding BIM or building information modeling software. BIM software allows teams to move from basic 2D plans to 3D and 4D virtual construction plans. It also provides timelines, accompanying budgets, profitability and energy information, and more. BIM software enables users to work with CAD files along with other project management applications in order to visualize the current and future progress of a project, and manage project schedules. BIM products available from leading vendors like Autodesk (Revit) and Synchro (4D BIM).

BIM applications are also now available for cloud hosting by an expert provider. This had been a historic challenge since these files are so large that performance decreased when hosted – until now. Let an expert provider of cloud project management solutions like LoadSpring™ handle the installation and configurations. As the market leader in providing complete cloud based project management solutions, LoadSpring hosts your choice of leading BIM applications from different software vendors, and has vetted and tested each one.

The LoadSpring Cloud Platform offers simple, secure, high-speed access to all your applications, as well as online training to help users get the most out of each application. Users can connect to the BIM application and accompanying project management software from their office, on a project site or from anywhere else they have an Internet connection sharing real-time project information.

Once you start using your choice of BIM and project management applications hosted by LoadSpring, it will rapidly become apparent to you that your empowerment stretches far beyond the traditional confines of CAD or scheduling. BIM and PM let you travel through time to plan and track progress, spot problems and solve them before they happen, and manage a building from initial design and construction, to maintenance, refurbishment, and future extensions.

Because a BIM application can keep all the project related information (plans, costs, schedules, permissions, notes, and more) in one place and at your fingertips, your team’s productivity improves. High-performance hosting from LoadSpring and smart, secure access via the LoadSpring Cloud Platform makes collaboration in BIM applications easy, whether users have desktop PCs, laptops or mobile computing devices.

If you want a complete, robust cloud-based solution for BIM and project management that helps you accelerate towards the construction and building results you want, LoadSpring can offer you what you need. And in addition to best-in-class cloud solutions, we also provide globalized support 24/7/365 via email, phone, and directly on the LoadSpring Cloud Platform for all the software you choose to have hosted by us.

Contact us today whether you’ve been using another platform and now want to benefit from a complete, industrial-strength BIM and PM solution, or whether you already use a PM solution from LoadSpring and want to add BIM.

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