Press Release | Audiit Business Solutions Corp. Announces Partnership with LoadSpring To Transform Enterprise Project Management In A Hosted Cloud Environment

Audiit Business Solutions Corp. Announces Partnership with LoadSpring To Transform Enterprise Project Management In A Hosted Cloud Environment.

Markham, Ontario Canada – March 17, 2015 – Audiit Business Solutions Corp. is pleased to announce a partnership with LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.™, a Massachusetts Corporation with offices in Wilmington, MA and Carlsbad, CA. LoadSpring is the market leader in providing cloud solutions to the Project Management and Controls market, with 16 years of experience in hosted solutions. This partnership will provide Audiit Business Solutions Corp. clients with access to LoadSpring’s cutting-edge SpringBoard™ Cloud Portal and unmatched market knowledge in a Cloud hosted environment.

This strategic partnership will merge the in-depth innovation of Audiit and LoadSpring to provide their clients with the best knowledge and distinctive service level for Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM. Audit Trail is a highly configurable monitoring tool that empowers companies to track changes on specified business objects in Oracle Enterprise Project Portfolio Management suite with the required level of details. “We here at Audiit Business Solutions Corp. are enthusiastic about our combined collaboration with LoadSpring and are looking forward to working closely with LoadSpring to build a solid long-term partnership. Audiit Business Solutions Corp. recognizes the professionalism and comprehensive knowledge LoadSpring consistently provides to their clients in the area to deliver a flexible cloud interface to promote and leverage a higher level of project management. There is no doubt LoadSpring will successfully represent Audit Trail to their extensive range of clients.” – Tara Donnelly, International Sales and Marketing Manager.

“LoadSpring continuously strives to improve our solution set for Project Management professionals and sees this partnership as a strong addition as it provides a clear and strong benefit for our customers.” – Stacey Witt, Executive Vice President Marketing for LoadSpring Solutions.

About Audit Trail for Oracle  EPPM/PPM

Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM enables businesses to turn Oracle Primavera EPPM/PPM into a fully auditable solution with minimum effort while providing an indispensable source of data for a quickly growing number of business applications including, but not limited to Project Health Check, Critical Changes Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance, Claims Resolution, License Use Monitoring and Procurement Planning, Business Intelligence Support, Risk Analysis Support, Knowledge Base and Best Practices Repository Support. Auditability is no longer required for regulatory compliance only, it has become a business need that supports diverse business processes and helps in achieving a wide range of business goals.

Audit Trail keeps track of changes on specified Oracle Primavera business objects, recording previous and new values up to a required level of detail. All of the records are data stamped and are accompanied by user information such as user id, user session, application used at the time when the changes were introduced; and much more. Audit Trail is highly configurable and it meets every company’s needs: from staying focused on specific Oracle Primavera elements to monitoring changes on all business objects with unprecedented level of detail. The system provides easy access to all the monitoring information via reporting and analysis tools.

About LoadSpring

Founded in 1999, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.™ is a Project Management Solutions company that’s totally dedicated to project management software and the people who use it. Our intuitive, user-friendly SpringBoard™ Cloud Portal combined with the Professional Services Group makes life simpler and easier for Project Managers and IT teams, who see us as major problem-solvers helping them make smart business decisions. LoadSpring supports Fortune 100 companies in the following industries: Architecture; Engineering and Construction; Manufacturing; Real Estate Services; Financial; Gas; Energy/Utilities; City, State and Federal Government; and Healthcare.

About Audiit Business Solutions Corp.

With the corporate data volumes constantly growing and the number of users provided with access to the critical business information increasing exponentially every year, it has become essential for the information to be protected from an accidental loss or alteration. At audiit we are taking up the challenge by providing business oriented auditing solutions for corporate software systems with Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM being the first product that provides a unique value added to all of the businesses relying on Oracle Primavera EPPM as their corporate project management system.

Founded by professionals with twenty to over fifty years of experience in Business Consulting and Software Solutions Architecture and Development,  audiit  delivers that expertise to its clients through innovative auditing solutions for corporate software systems. The founders have an extensive knowledge of the auditing requirements in a range of industries and across multiple disciplines with decades of expertise in Project Management alone.

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