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Press Release in Cloud Project Management

Catalyst and LoadSpring Partner to Offer Cloud-Hosted Project Scheduling Software

INDIANAPOLIS–The promise of the cloud meets the power of construction project scheduling with a new partnership formed today.

Catalyst, a top U.S. seller and services provider for Asta Powerproject and Oracle Primavera, has joined forces with cloud hosting giant LoadSpring to offer the software packages on reliable, access-anywhere cloud servers.

Hosted software is an inevitable and logical trend for growing firms, the new partners say. While the construction industry is notably risk-averse and a latecomer to cloud adoption, the flywheel has started to turn and many more mid- to large construction companies are seeing it as a competitive advantage.

LoadSpring’s chief strategy officer, Dean Edmundson, says the reasons for the shift are both functional and economic.

“Customers using the cloud have the flexibility to use any application they want for managing their projects while giving a disparate workforce access to those tools wherever they are,” says Edmundson. “It helps eliminate capital costs, streamlines performance, and makes it easier to share information with other project team members and owners.”

Additionally, he says, IT departments are freed up from maintaining line-of-business software and can, instead, focus on core functions like ERP and email system management.

Steve Sudler, Catalyst’s CEO, believes better access to the software will encourage better project management practices throughout a customer’s enterprise.

“Projects that get scheduled almost always perform better and deliver higher profits than those that don’t,” he explained. “Our goal is to provide both the technology platform and a repeatable process for our clients that they can implement on all their jobs.”

In order to help construction firms master project controls, Catalyst also provides training, migration and implementation support, as well as consulting services.

Both LoadSpring and Catalyst were formed in 1999 and have seen software and technology evolve over the last 20 years. Internet speed is now a practical non-factor, uptime guarantees ensure stability and better security protocols reduce risk.

“Cloud hosting is a key tool that’s helping turn this into a golden age of project management. Companies that adapt early will reap the competitive advantages while others play catch up,” says Sudler.

About Catalyst

Catalyst is a project controls expert and leading reseller of Oracle Primavera and Asta Powerproject software. The company offers consulting, training and implementation for firms in the commercial and industrial construction, government building, and power industries. The 19-year-old solutions-oriented company made a name for itself as a project management consultant on complex jobs. The firm’s deep knowledge of the industry and best-in-class software suites helps clients achieve greater efficiency and reduced risk. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis and has offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. For more information on Catalyst, visit www.catalystusa.com.

About LoadSpring

Founded in 1999, LoadSpring Solutions is the market leader in Cloud Project Management solutions that are fast and easy to execute through the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. With five Class A data centers spread throughout the world, LoadSpring currently services over 4,000 companies and 100,000+ users worldwide. Their Soc Type II security certification provides a highly secure infrastructure and cloud environment hosting more than 200 Project Management related applications. LoadSpring’s around-the-clock dedicated customer support has led to a 95% retention rate of customers in all industries. Currently, America’s ENR top 20 Engineering, Design and Construction firms all utilize the LoadSpring Cloud Platform.

To learn more about LoadSpring, please visit www.loadspring.com.

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