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How LoadSpring’s QuickStart Makes Project Management Bionic

Don’t be shy, now – hands up, anyone who ever watched “The Six Million Dollar Man” series! And in particular the episode in which the central character Steve Austin gives a demonstration of the difference between raw, uncontrolled power, and focused bionic power that achieves a precise result. Well, as it happens, project management software implementations often fall into one of these two categories as well.

Take the Primavera P6 software from Oracle for Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (or EPPM), for instance. This suite of applications packs an impressive list of functionality, covering the different stages of project management from ideation through to execution. It’s full of power and possibilities. The only thing that’s missing is the focused application of this raw potential to a specific requirement for useful business results.

Bridging the Gap Between App and Benefit

So that leaves a gap between the project management software and the results you want to achieve. As a customer and end-user, you’re then in the position of having to find a solution to get the relevant people in your company up to speed on using Primavera P6, and to generate something with real bottom line benefit thereafter. Making this happen can take months, which is frustrating when you consider the power that’s lying unused in this software until your people can figure out how to access it.

Going bionic is a much better idea. This is the role of LoadSpring’s QuickStart solution. What QuickStart does is to accelerate the whole process of harnessing the project management potential of Primavera P6. It removes the roadblocks that could otherwise make the whole process grind to a halt. It also eliminates issues about capital expenditure, training, security and internal support.

Steps to Rapid Implementation Success

QuickStart has a streamlined set of carefully designed steps that can reduce implementations up till now measured in months to ones accomplished literally within days. There are two main phases:

  • 1.The Configure Phase. LoadSpring Personnel will install and configure your P6 environment on the LoadSpring Cloud platform followed by a guided configuration and administrator training process that ensures your people understand how to operate in the new environment.
  • 2.The Deploy Phase. During deployment, your team is put through a training program that utilizes LoadSpring Academy video training and live-remote training sessions with a LoadSpring P6 expert.  This training program was designed to deliver effective end user training around the core functionality of the application, ensuring your people are up and running fast.

Both phases are followed by on-going mentoring and support with access to a LoadSpring application expert to help your people with adoption and acceptance of the new application environment and ensure rapid resolution of any issues that arise.

Built-in Blue Skies and Upside

Further accelerators in QuickStart include predefined configuration templates that are ready to use “out of the box” for maximum convenience and efficiency. The end objective of QuickStart is for your enterprise to be in a position to put pilot (no pun intended) projects in place that have a positive effect on your profitability and competitiveness.

Better still, it doesn’t cost anything like six million dollars (or today, 31 million dollars given inflation between times). The rate for all of the above is extraordinarily affordable. You don’t have to crash a Northrop M2-F2 aircraft to go bionic either, although you’re allowed to grab your computer keyboard and twist it around, while you utter those time-honored words, “Flight com, I can’t hold her! She’s breaking up! She’s breaking…”

After all, when you’ve saved your company considerable time, effort and money by using QuickStart, can anyone deny you five minutes of fun?


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