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How SpringBoard Technology Evolves to Meet Custom Business Needs Too

By Justin Ploski, Sr. Software Engineer at LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.

LoadSpring’s team of Cloud-based Project Management solutions experts has the openness and ability to meet the individual needs of our customer by customizing our solutions. Even though our market leading SpringBoard cloud portal has unparalleled functionalities, adaptations are available for you. In fact, some special request have led us to create advanced functionalities in the tool that in turn benefit the rest our customer base. Here are some examples:

  • Security and convenience enhancement. Custom single click and single sign-on solutions (SSO) have been created to access CM, P6 Web and P6 Pro from the SpringBoard. In fact, SpringBoard can be integrated with a customer’s identity provider for any SAML 2.0 (security assertion mark-up language) SSO solution. The user’s passwords are maintained in house on the customer’s side. The SpringBoard authentication is routed through our SAML service provider and the customer’s identity provider. Credentials for your own in-house systems can then be automatically set to be the credentials integrated into SpringBoard.
  • Powerful user management. If your company uses Active Directory, it can be connected to SpringBoard to manage users, their applications, and groups; especially once they separate from your SpringBoard accounts. Talk about enhanced security and giving HR a much needed hand.
  • Enhanced user provisioning. P6 user addition, editing, and removal is done via the Users page in SpringBoard. We tie SpringBoard into the products that you use in order to bring you convenience and efficiency.
  • Application integration. We are experts in creating custom integrations within SpringBoard. We’ve created custom authentication solutions, so that the user is authenticated by SpringBoard upon logging into the app. User provisioning features are added to the Users page in SpringBoard, so that administrators can add, update, and remove user rights to projects in these custom integrated apps.
  • Customer’s own support tickets. Although unified global support is offered via phone or email, customers can also use the Support page within SpringBoard to submit a support ticket to LoadSpring. They can also use the Support page to track and manage their own internal tickets from any mobile device.

For training, customers can upload their own videos to the LOADSPRING Academy, and create quizzes their users can take. How is that for an all-inclusive platform!

Which custom features will we build next? The ones that meet key business needs! If you have a specific requirement you’d like to see SpringBoard meet, contact us. By configuration, integration or customization, with LoadSpring and SpringBoard there’s always a solution.

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