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Training the Way You Need It

Imagine training delivery flexible enough to bring your users (meaning specifically the people in your company, not somebody else’s) the exact learning content they require to accomplish their objectives. And yet methodical enough to be able to successively deliver such a customized training program in the same way to as many groups of your users as needed.

Option 1

Options.  Imagine that. That’s what LoadSpring does. Training the way your organization expects and needs it. Part of it is in our comprehensive catalog of around 2 to 11 minute modules that can be grouped together in any way you like for a wide range of audiences all through our LoadSpring Academy.  What kind of variety is on offer? Over 60 modules are currently available online. They cover specific product functionality like the Contract Management Control Center, navigating and editing reports in BI (Business Intelligence) Publisher, and scheduling and advanced project scheduling in P6. They also help users get started with their project management software by establishing some of the basics like how to work with projects, activities and an enterprise project structure.

Better still, for customers using the SpringBoard cloud portal from LoadSpring, access to the LoadSpring Academy with these training modules is immediate and free of charge. Users can log on to benefit from student tracking, quizzes to testing their assimilation of the training material and quiz reporting. Individual and team training sessions with trainers also let users see exactly what the trainer is seeing as specific product interfaces and activities are discussed.

Option 2

Additionally, on-site training in your organization is available. Customized one on one, focused workshops, and “train the trainer”, for example are all available on site.  That means the training can be tailored to what is most effective and best practices for your users, while maximizing the return on the time they spend learning.

Option 3

But that’s not all. While getting customers’ organizations up to speed quickly and efficiently on product functionality is already a huge plus in terms of productivity, LoadSpring also takes training a step further. The objective is not only to make sure that your users are doing things right with your project management software solutions, but also that your enterprise is doing the right things.

For that reason, the QuickStart and QuickBuild services from LoadSpring also include training and mentoring for your systems administrators for P6. With a remotely delivered, accelerated implementation using this approach, LoadSpring can help companies to adopt and benefit from project management software faster than ever. The remote mentoring in particular, one of the most highly concentrated and targeted forms of training, helps ensure that your deployment of P6 continues to be aligned with the strategic business requirements of your company into the future too.

We build and have available training and delivery methods for our customers that best meet the needs of your organization. If you like thorough and traditional, we have that. Or if fast and easy is more your speed, then LoadSpring Academy is your choice.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you train the way you need.

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