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Why Cloud Penetration Testing Matters

Why Cloud Penetration Testing Matters

These days, harnessing the Cloud for Project Management software and connectivity is a no-brainer – but only if that Cloud is managed, protected and tested right.

According to Forrester Research predictions, “…more than 50% of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation…” Along with this rise in Cloud use comes a higher risk of hackers penetrating your sensitive data and business apps. Now what?

How can your overworked IT people stay up on security measures AND test them for effectiveness? One of the key factors in security is penetration testing – the kind that drills right down to the application layer. This takes time and personnel that most IT Departments just can’t spare.

Lucky for you, our security experts and data loss prevention specialists are dedicated to your penetration testing. They have the expertise and resources to do the job right.

So, What Exactly is Cloud Penetration Testing?

It’s a process of monitoring app security, services and infrastructure and pinpointing your vulnerability to be attacked. This is not something you want to do alone.

At LoadSpring, our testing strategies help uncover weaknesses and attack paths – all while reducing risks and analyzing the impact on your business. These above-and-beyond strategies include:

  • Conducting rigorous 3rd party penetration tests based on expert review, not just automated examination
  • Repairing security issues before they can affect your business
  • Migrating vulnerabilities under the guidance of our cybersecurity experts
  • Upholding strict compliance with regulatory and government security requirements
  • Employing the most highly trained specialists in ethical hacking techniques
  • Maintaining top government security clearances, assuring that your critical data is always in trustworthy hands
  • Improving visibility into Cloud Managed Services with our CIO Dashboard
    • The dashboard is built into your LoadSpring Cloud Platform
    • Provides instant views of performance and data volume metrics
    • Real-time chart analysis shows how our Support Team enhances security

Penetration Testing Best Practices

When looking for a Cloud provider (assuming you haven’t already picked LoadSpring), make sure you’re getting the following:

  • A strong track record in helping organizations mitigate security risks
  • Penetration testing that includes:
    • Intrusion Prevention System IPS
    • Advanced firewall penetration testing
    • Antivirus bypassing testing
    • Authentication redirection and Two Factor Verification
    • URL obfuscation
    • Proper input validation for Cloud apps

LoadSpring offers ALL OF THE ABOVE as a part of your set monthly fee. We recognize that Cloud security is a shared responsibility between your firm and ours. With us, you always know your apps and data are secure. After all, our cybersecurity geniuses not only become an extension of your IT team, they practically ARE your IT team. We display our latest penetration testing on our CIO Dashboard right from LoadSpring Cloud Platform, making it easy for our customers to see what vulnerabilities exist with their software and how we have mitigated their potential risk.

 Count on us for one-stop penetration testing support by experts in all your apps and infrastructures. Find out all you need to know at loadspring.com/support/.

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