Burns & McDonnell: Changing the Way They do Project Management

Burns & McDonnell Customer Success Story

How we made the best even better

Okay, let’s say you’re one of the nation’s top engineering and construction firms. You’ve been around since the 1800s and have designed and built everything from airports and power plants to bridges and water treatment facilities. And now you want to take your leadership position to new heights? Where the heck do you begin?

Just ask Chris P. O’Grady, IT mastermind at Burns & McDonnell (BMcD). He’ll tell you it’s all about the technology of Project Management and how LoadSpring™ helped his company raise the bar. “We’ve changed the way we do Project Management,” says Chris, referring to our knack for centralizing multiple software solutions in one big, beautiful, easy-to-control Cloud.

The first step is admitting you need help

A few years back, Burns & McDonnell came to us for faster, simpler ways to get their Project Management capabilities enterprise-ready. Chris tells us that back in the day, the company used many different tools to manage projects, and everything was locked into local systems. But transitioning to LoadSpring freed them to streamline their processes in a way that added value to even their gnarliest challenges. The result? Enterprise-level control over all their endeavors.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Our application gurus jumped right in and consolidated BMcD’s most complex software and processes—all via LoadSpring Cloud Platform. The resulting uptick in efficiency had the happy side effect of increasing the return on their application investment. From that point on, LoadSpring became their one-stop Project Management software solutions source.

Doing what they do best

At gigantic companies like Burns & McDonnell, engineering and constructing large-scale projects is a passion. But what about setting up, maintaining, and securing Project Management applications and Cloud hosting? Not so much. These days they leave the heavy lifting to LoadSpring’s infrastructure experts and concentrate on their own client’s needs. In the end, it’s a better use of resources, a more efficient way to serve their customers… and is much, much saner for their IT staff.

LoadSpring delivers—no matter what

A huge part of LoadSpring’s value is Customer Service – with a capital “S.” In Chris O’Grady’s own words, “We experienced a database error that needed to be resolved before we could continue work. Oracle was unable to provide a quick or easy fix. By leveraging our LoadSpring services, we were able to unload and reload the schema overnight and solve the problem.” Ta-dah! Problem solved.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform commands the Cloud

Our enhanced LoadSpring Cloud Platform allowed BMcD to seize total control of its Project Management processes and data. For example, our LoadSpring Cloud Platform helped make application license tracking an effortless task. Suddenly they were empowered to manage all their users more resourcefully—and track licenses anywhere worldwide. “My favorite feature of the LoadSpring Cloud Platform is the single sign-on capability” O’Grady explained. “My team and clients can now come to a single landing page and seamlessly log-on to multiple applications.”


Yes, Burns & McDonnell had other choices when it came to Project Management software hosting companies, but only one that was right for them. They picked LoadSpring because we got their applications up and running faster, easier, and more effectively than anyone. Data security also weighed heavily in their decision, so when they saw that we had all the right standards in place, we became their trusted, SSAE 16 SOC II compliant partner. The rest, as they say, is history.


“LoadSpring provided us with the services and products that help us make our clients more successful.”

— Chris P. O'Grady, Manager of Technology Consulting Services, Burns & McDonnell

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