CDM Smith: Harnessing the Power of LoadSpring Cloud Platform

CDM Smith Customer Success Story

Meet CDM Smith, a full-service engineering and construction company that works with both private and public clients in water management, the environment, transportation, facilities, and energy.

Not long ago, after researching a number of Cloud solutions providers, the firm decided to partner with LOADSPRING. They knew LOADSPRING’s reputation as the market leader in Cloud-based Project Management solutions—and were thoroughly impressed by their track record: 18 years of Project Management specialization with over 4,000 global customers and 100,000+ end users.

In a recent interview with CDM Smith’s Deputy Project Controls Manager, Cody Belcher, we learned that his firm is also a leader in its field. He said, “We have 70 years in the industry, are 5,000 employees strong, and have offices worldwide. We deliver exceptional client service, quality results, and enduring value.”

“We wanted to grow our suite of project control tools,” Belcher told us. “And although we just started our partnership with LOADSPRING they’ve already begun helping us overcome challenges that we had in integrating with the Cloud.” CMD Smith particularly needed to improve the tools associated with Java access. Belcher explained it this way: “Prior to LOADSPRING, most of our applications ran on-premise with minimal integrations among other Cloud-hosted partners. Utilizing P6 and CM, Java was straining our ability to easily function and employ tools for our user community.” This ultimately led to a number of challenges to the company’s data analytics, inhibiting their capacity to respond quickly and effectively to their clients.

These days, the company is harnessing the LOADSPRING Cloud Platform, an enabling technology that gives executives and project teams easy, secure access to all their projects and applications in the Cloud. Additionally, the platform provides them with Project Intelligence dashboards, centralized global support, license management tools, and more.

A big advantage to the partnership was LOADSPRING’s dedication to real customer service. They looked out for CDM Smith’s interests by supporting both hosted and on-premise software, as well as setting up all their integrations and infrastructure. Further, LOADSPRING shared valuable knowledge of best-of-breed Project Management tools, starting with the system architecture all the way to the user interface.

In wrapping up, Belcher was asked how the partnership is factoring into the firm’s growth and expansion, he pointed out that “with LOADSPRING’s support and shared vision, CDM Smith will continue to meet and exceed our clients’ business expectations.”

“The Cloud allows us to stay current with any information, on any device, in real time.”

— Cody Belcher, Deputy Project Controls Manager, CDM Smith

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