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CH2M Hill Jacobs Customer Success Story

Today, project success is no longer measured by return on investment alone. Customers also want deliverables and results faster. As John Hartman, Global Project Controls Director for CH2M (now Jacobs) explains, the key metric now is “Time-to-Value.” The company’s projects in transportation, infrastructure, water, and wastewater industries must still be delivered on schedule, to specification, and within budget. However, these qualities are fast becoming table stakes. Now the real competitive advantage is in generating positive value for customers as fast as possible.

Breaking factors that had to go

Time to value is also a metric that CH2M applies in turn to its IT solutions. They must help accelerate improvements in the productivity and competitiveness of the company’s 25,000 employees engaged in critical activities around the world. Speed in deploying IT systems and responsiveness in support are critical success factors for their projects. However, CH2M previously had difficulty testing systems in-house and validating integrations between them. This in turn slowed the adoption of new technologies like BIM (Building Information Modeling) software.

New windows of opportunity

Then, CH2M got LoadSpring involved and things started to improve. LoadSpring is the only cloud solutions provider to offer a complete solution for all project management hosting challenges. LoadSpring engineers immediately rolled up their sleeves and plunged into the job of testing, integrating, and deploying. Problems got solved. Difficulties vanished. As Hartman confirms, “LoadSpring’s depth in experience and responsiveness on support and systems is insurmountable for us.” Unlike other cloud companies, LoadSpring supports all your hosted applications, integrations, and infrastructure 24/7/365.

Minutes to respond, Instead of hours

In just one example, the response time for a project in Eastern Europe had historically been long, with several hours to take care of a single request. But after leveraging the responsiveness and technical support of LoadSpring, response time was cut down to less than 30 minutes per request. This represents a radical improvement in both the user experience and project performance. The benefit for both CH2M and their client is huge.

Information right here for Time-to-Value right now

LoadSpring puts information at the fingertips of CH2M’s project teams. They are now empowered to do more in less time and improve Time-to-Value for their own customers. The magic for doing all of this is inside LoadSpring Cloud Platform, which is LoadSpring’s unique enabling technology. “LoadSpring Cloud Platform allows CH2M to have quick-hitting metrics information for their project teams to consume and respond to,” says Hartman. It’s also packed with additional smart features to help all businesses work smarter. Secure single sign-on, easy software license management, training videos, and intelligent reporting are a few. As a matter of fact, its LoadSpringInsight capability allows users to view project data from multiple applications like P6, CM, Ares Prism G2, Unifier, EcoSys, and Trimble Prolog directly on its intelligent dashboards.

Multidimensional success

Thanks to LOADSPRING, CH2M has been forging ahead in other ways. John Hartman explains: “BIM, 4D scheduling, and 5D estimating require uptime systems, responsive systems, and responsive staff. LoadSpring provides a lot of value to help meet our needs with new technology.” Among the advantages for CH2M project teams are the training modules on the hosted applications, built into the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. That means that not only is the software up and running quickly, but users can also put them to good use sooner too.

Upwards and onwards

Our innovative LoadSpring team is now helping CH2M develop a library of ready-to-use application configurations. These templates have one overriding goal—to let CH2M kick off projects faster by pulling applications off the shelf. This environment, called “Project in a Box” is a testing and staging environment that does not affect the existing project environment. As a result, CH2M can test any scenario it likes, pick the optimal solution, and hit the ground running for new projects. Is instant project value still a dream for your company? When you have LoadSpring Solutions behind you, anything is possible today!

“LOADSPRING’s depth in experience and responsiveness on support and systems is insurmountable for us.”

— John Hartman, Global Project Controls Director, CH2M

“The LOADSPRING Cloud Platform allows CH2M to have quick hitting metrics information for teams to consume and respond to.”

— John Hartman, Global Project Controls Director, CH2M

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