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Priestly Demolition Inc. (PDI) is a family-owned company incorporated in 1993 that utilizes innovation, technology, and experience to service the construction industry throughout Canada and the United States. Priestly provides various services, including excavation, hazardous material abatement, and demolition. Before discovering LoadSpring, Priestly found themselves in the position of needing to choose between upgrading their on-premise equipment or migrating their entire network of applications to the cloud. Their dilemma was two-fold: they needed a new on-premise solution or cloud service provider. They also needed to find a way to manage and support all their software applications among geographically dispersed teams.

Weighing Different Project Management Options in the Cloud

“The beginning of our journey started with the decision to change managed service providers,” says Shannon Kuyt, Operations Excellence Manager at Priestly. Priestly needed someone to help them manage their various software applications after migration and support their different user types. Numerous cloud providers and options were evaluated, giving them much to think about.

“We vetted many different service providers,” Kuyt said, “ruling out on-premise servers pretty quickly since we weren’t sure how they would handle all our solutions, applications, and growth plans. 3D modeling software shared between several engineers was too heavy for on-premise servers. We had more confidence in the support offered by cloud-based solutions and applications rather than the constant patches and upgrades on-premise programs require. We weren’t sure how the other solutions presented to us—such as Amazon Cloud or Microsoft Cloud—would handle how quickly we’re growing or the support needs of these apps and their users.”

They learned of LoadSpring’s cloud-based project management services at a recent conference. LoadSpring has a reputation as the leader in hosting applications for project-intensive organizations, understanding their needs more thoroughly than a generic cloud project. Priestly’s projects are high risk and high exposure, making the financial & PR stakes considerable.

Future – Innovation

By choosing LoadSpring, Priestly avoided the need to add unnecessary hardware investment. Despite the ongoing pandemic, business for Priestly has been booming. Adopting LoadSpring lets Priestly zero in on what they do best: demolition. LoadSpring‘s support makes sure the software they use in their demolition projects is secure, accessible, and high performing, essential for BIM and CAD applications.

With geographical expansion currently being planned across Canada and the U.S., applications like B2W, Auto CAD, Oracle Primavera P6, and Vista help team members stay connected without going over budget or losing valuable time.


“Rather than just a software vendor, we needed to expand with a partner who could expand for us, too. ”

— Shannon Kuyt, Operations Excellence Manager, Priestly

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