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2014: Trends in the Cloud

While the fashion world is trending toward soft pastels and real estate shifts from a buyer’s to a seller’s market, trends in cloud computing are the ones that’ll make a big difference in how quickly and easily you get your job done.

Even now, our Project Management customers are sharpening their focus on systems and software that boosts connectivity, productivity, and ROI.

Two such systems are continuing to gain popularity—our very own SpringBoard 7.0 portal and LoadSpringMobile. Here’s why:

SpringBoard 7.0 Makes All Things Possible

As LoadSpring completes the rollout of its totally re-engineered SpringBoard 7.0 cloud portal, leading enterprises are already leveraging a raft of new features:

A Wildly Superior User Experience: As projects become more complex, SpringBoard’s re-imagined, more intuitive user interface will become even more valuable. It promotes efficiency while simplifying navigation.

“All-Knowing” GlobalView Reporting: Harnesses the power of real-time geosite mapping to let administrators oversee team progress… and create instant reports of who’s doing what, when and where.

The Power of PM Social: The more people you have in the field, the more important this private, assignment-based messaging system becomes. It’s as simple to use as a social media site, and keeps people and projects running smoothly.

Seize Control with SpringBoardInsight: Affords users the freedom to review status and data from multiple applications—directly through the SpringBoard interface on one easy dashboard.

See it All with SharePoint Connector: This innovation lets SpringBoard SharePoint users view and update information bi-directionally through the LoadSpring Cloud while using Primavera P6 and CM14.

Learn More With Built-in Training Access: Our on-demand video-based LoadSpring Academy learning modules simplify user training and improve adoption rates. Fast.

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LoadSpringMobile Brings it All Together

As Project Management teams become increasingly mobile, LoadSpringMobile can help everyone work in harmony. It allows companies to not only keep up, but get ahead of deadlines, status reports and timelines.

Efficiency To Go: Team members can use practically any mobile device to access and track all your projects and data.

Pocket, Palm or Lap? Designed specifically for smart phones, iPads, tablet PCs and other gizmos.

Simplicity Itself: Work on the fly with apps like Primavera P6 and Contract Management—all on a simple, uncluttered screen.

Streamlined Access: LoadSpringMobile incorporates everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

LoadSpringMobile simplifies the whole workflow and approval processes of P6R8 and CM14. That way, you’ll know that field updates will be reviewed and accepted before committing to permanent changes. All possible in real time.

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