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5 Reasons That Make Our Customer Service Exceptional

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Does your company have access to world-class customer support, security, and technology services? Your managed-cloud service provider is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for ways to increase company productivity and profitability. An experienced team available 24/7/365 can reflect positively on your company image by allowing you to speed up deliverability, and seasoned expertise is crucial for long-term agility.

LoadSpring’s commitment to providing excellent customer service is foundational to our philosophy. It is world-class. LoadSpring customers depend on our customer support teams to stay productive and focus on producing results for their company. Customer support is complex in the cloud. Most internal support groups do not have all the expertise needed, resulting in slower resolution time, less productivity, frustration, and the potential to turn software into shelfware.

Since its beginning, LoadSpring has valued excellent customer service above all. Read on to learn what makes our approach to customer support special. 

1.   LoadSpring Offers a Single Source of Customer Support

LoadSpring provides customers with one place to call with all the answers they need to get a resolution.

Imagine having thousands of apps to run your company, with thousands of people to contact. Customers dislike having to contact a software vendor directly for support: which can result in long hold wait times, inexperience dealing with custom integrations, or clumsiness with remote teams and globally spread-out cases. They typically discover that LoadSpring support is more responsive, with faster resolution times.

LoadSpring customer service is seamless because it merely requires a customer to reach out to internal support via the LoadSpring project platform. As a result, there is a 15-minute response time with a seasoned support team well-acquainted with all the LoadSpring infrastructure, applications, and features. If the software vendor needs to be contacted, LoadSpring will do that for the customer.

2.   LoadSpring Support Team Has Application & Infrastructure Expertise

Maintaining project applications is complicated. You’d need 3-4 experts to manage all the different layers of infrastructure, networking, patching, performance monitoring, etc., in the cloud—and most support organizations do not have it all. In contrast, LoadSpring has the expertise and human resources in both the application and its required infrastructure.

Regarding cloud-based project platforms, customer support specialists must be experts in every application—since there are often multiple applications that may be utilized in one sitting. It’s best to provide customer service that is personalized as well as integrated—so that it can accommodate numerous apps at once since many apps work in conjunction with one another.

There is also the issue of monitoring and maintenance: if you have a contract with a software provider, you might think it makes sense to contact them directly. However, if a software application is especially popular or a large company, getting through to an actual human being could take longer than anticipated.

Ideally, if your software applications are hosted through a third-party platform, the platform has more reliable customer support. LoadSpring customer support team members are incredibly knowledgeable about all the cloud-based software applications available through the LoadSpring project platform. And you can control when upgrades are needed and when they will happen to ensure your projects and any customization or integration are kept in place.

3.   LoadSpring Provides Customer Support to All Joint Venture Partners

Typically, joint ventures are formed to pursue a single project. However, service agents often have no idea about joint venture employees, their company firewalls, computers, etc. Therefore, supporting employees and your JV-non-employees from a single-sign-on project platform portal ensures the most productivity.

When entering a partnership with another company, it’s ideal to provide the same level of customer support, regardless of who is accessing the project platform. Suppose your JV non-employees are integrated into project management to make them feel like equal partners with access to project controls. In that case, they’re more likely to trust your team, and project coordination and cooperation are more like to be maximized.

Some of the risks of joint ventures include murky objectives and unclear communication; different objectives by different parties; imbalance in levels of expertise, investment, or assets; different cultures and management styles, resulting in poor integration and cooperation; and poor leadership and support.

Therefore, a single sign-on point for authorized users helps to create a culture of teamwork for JV non-employees and business partners, creating a culture of collaboration in addition to smooth operation and eliminating confusion regarding user errors or sign-in procedures. LoadSpring can support all joint venture partners through a single, unified project platform, ensuring efficiency, security, accessibility, and superior support for all teams throughout the project.

4.   In-House Monitoring & Transparency for All Customer Support Interactions

LoadSpring believes in providing transparency regarding support and in-house monitoring: your admins can see our response resolutions times right from the platform. With application performance monitoring, we ensure that your users get the best performance, as performance is critical to user satisfaction and software adoption. 

LoadSpring attends to security safeguards such as easy user provisioning, strict authentication processes, compliance, and physical & environmental security—monitoring system security and performance threats every minute of every day.

Transparency is the key to offering the best customer service.LoadSpring customers know the status of all applications and projects at any time.

5.  Customer Support that Feels In-House, Not Outsourced

Our legendary LoadSpring customer team is the first point of contact for users on LoadSpring’s project platform. As a team, we support tickets for the over 200 applications we host and many ‘left field’ requests. Additionally, the support team has closed over 5,000 cases this year.

Every day is genuinely different, with each new call or email potentially conjuring up some unheard-of challenge or request. Users might be calling about user provisioning or trying to find a way to update their software. We’ve answered requests in the middle of the night through the early hours of the day. The way we see it, every day is an opportunity to gain experience, and there’s always something new to learn.

The variety of support tickets and requests we receive makes life in the LoadSpring Customer Support team unique, while the close contact with platform users means we develop a genuine rapport and enduring business relationships.

A perspective from our staff: Ryan Murphy, LoadSpring Customer Support

  • What makes LoadSpring Customer Support unique is the relationships we build with our customers.
  • This starts with our team’s responsiveness to customer needs and quick engagement to investigate issues.
  • Our Support Team takes great pride in our active approach to communication efforts through the lifecycle of their request. It is an extension of our customers as partners in addressing their business needs.
  • This recipe demonstrates our commitment to driving results and builds a foundation of trust with our customers that helps forge great relationships or partnerships.

Our Customer Support team provides the safety net that keeps your projects going to the finish line. We take the burden off your internal IT and see them as opportunities to inspire us to improve our customer service. We pride ourselves on quick personal contact that allows you to connect with real-life people—rather than simply a chatbot or automated voice service.

You can depend on world-class customer support that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to pinpoint precisely what’s wrong in a fraction of the time it typically takes to contact your software program provider directly. That’s LoadSpring Customer Support for you: world-class, technologically savvy, and ready for whatever you may throw at us. If you’re interested in learning more about how our customer support specialists can start working for you, contact us today for a free estimate cloud readiness assessment valued at $2,500.

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