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LoadSpring Experts: Cloud support – the power of excellent customer service

One of the things that we pride ourselves on in LoadSpring Support is rapid, personal contact. Meaning, when you call or put in a help ticket, you’re going to talk to a real person and soon. We make contact in most cases within fifteen minutes. When I say most cases, I mean over ninety percent. We commit to achieving this because we genuinely want our customers to succeed and get value out of our cloud-managed services and products. Anything we can do to help that effort increases the value of our product for our customers and grows our relationship with them. Additionally, 90% of Americans decide whether or not to do business with a company based on customer service. This factor is a statistic we do not ignore.

A recent Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report cites that “after more than one bad support experience, around 80% of consumers say they would rather do business with a competitor.” Many of our new customer’s previous software support experiences involved tickets “looked at” by a bot. In other words, the help ticket input system has a function built-in that searches for keywords and sorts the ticket. That’s counted as a “response.” Then, depending on the triage status, the issue might get an automated response in email form. Unfortunately, some cases had no answer for days before an engineer called back. That’s a loss of productivity and not a great customer experience.

Customer-focused system for optimal productivity

When our competitors use an automated bot support system, they keep their call volume down by putting the customer to work. We don’t do that. Our customers speak with live, expert support teams. Our customers express their appreciation for hearing from a live person when they have a problem. If you’re already frustrated, do you want to go through an automated troubleshooting process? I know they don’t. Quick response from real people with expertise in their applications ensures high productivity for your teams and relief for your IT resources. LoadSpring support teams allow our customers to focus on essential business elements without unnecessary downtime.

All of us at LoadSpring believe that creating an excellent customer experience is just as important as the feature sets of our products and services. In other words, we strive to ensure that real people back your cloud experience. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being put off, and I certainly don’t want them blocked from doing their work. We pick up the phone and call within fifteen minutes of hearing from you. I’m sure that’s a big part of the reason why our customer approval rating is over 95%. We offer great products and services, but when you need help, we’re here for you 24/7/365.

Experience counts

We support LoadSpring Cloud Platform and the software that we deliver through it by hiring people with technical know-how and train them up over time. I have over ten years of experience learning about the software we support firsthand, and I pass that knowledge along to my people. In other words, we have intimate, technical knowledge of the best project management software like Primavera P6, Hexagon EcoSys, and many others. Our accumulated knowledge helps us to train our people, and of course to problem-solve for our customers.

Software expertise over time also means we can help provide a better experience at the user level. For example, my department has been integral in helping to fine-tune software performance for our customers so that it runs faster and more reliably for them. Customers like manufacturing giant Doosan have seen software performance increases of over 60%. We work closely with the software delivery team and the cloud engineers to constantly improve the customer experience. Speedier, more reliable software isn’t necessarily a support issue, but it can lead to better project performance and prevent support tickets from happening in the first place. We work hard to ensure that your software works and that you get good value from it.

Global support

It’s an exciting time to be working at LoadSpring. As cloud digital transformation efforts accelerate worldwide, our client base grows, our product portfolio grows, and of course, our support team grows to accommodate this increase in business. Our organization is expanding its global reach, and we are creating and facilitating technology on a winning trajectory. My group is here to support that trajectory in any way we can, from helping someone reset application preferences to fine-tuning software performance. We have the knowledge and the passion for what we do to create outstanding customer experiences.

LoadSpring’s expertise in managed cloud services and support is unparalleled. We’re here to help you run your business more efficiently, and if something goes wrong, make sure that it gets fixed as quickly as possible. If you’d like to find out how we can help, click here to contact us today. Or call us directly: US + 1 978-685-9715 | UK + 44 800 088 5889.

Bill Sword
Manager of Global Support, LoadSpring Solutions

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