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Cloud Performance Testing: Clouds are NOT Created Equal

Putting Cloud Providers to the Test

A Cloud Project Management software system is of little use if poor performance slows down your key people and robs them of their productive edge. And yet, many of the biggest and best firms still struggle with sluggish platforms that leave users frustrated by slowing down their ability to deploy the latest Project Management applications.

Testing Cloud Performance to Understand the Source of Slowdowns

Platform speed and performance problems tend to grow incrementally with such factors as:

  • The complexity of today’s highly-specialized software
  • The complexity, size and scope of individual projects
  • The sheer number of projects being managed simultaneously

These variables are especially pronounced when upgrading your system or moving it from in-house to the Cloud. Your system as a whole, which includes your Cloud provider, can become overwhelmed for several reasons:

  • Business processes aren’t up to software best practices
  • The platform is causing data processing bottlenecks
  • Your database and/or hardware needs performance tuning

Having a specialized and experienced Cloud partner that is well-versed in all of the above is critical in overcoming these challenges.

Testing your Cloud Provider’s Performance is Key

Recently, three major Cloud hosting providers were subject to 19 standardized tests to evaluate their performance. This assessment cycle compared the performance of three providers during the installation of Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management. The providers were:

Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure were set up with the industry standard installation of P6. On the other hand, LoadSpring set up their proprietary optimized installation designed to improve overall performance.

The evaluation covered the following 19 criteria:

  1. Launch P6
  2. Open Project
  3. Copy a Project
  4. Copy/Paste Activities
  5. Updating Activity Code Value
  6. Assigning Predecessor/Successor
  7. Updating notebook items
  8. Assigning Role
  9. Changing a Calendar
  10. Display Global activity code values
  11. Creating a new Expense
  12. Refresh One Project (F5)
  13. Activity Creation
  14. Activity Deletion
  15. Recalculate Assignment Cost
  16. Time Schedule Project
  17. Summarize Project
  18. Baseline creation – number of activities
  19. Refresh Schedule

The results? The LoadSpring Cloud Platform performed drastically faster than the next closest Cloud platform. Compared to AWS and Azure, LoadSpring required only 61% of the time in seconds to complete critical tasks.

The following time-to-task scores make it clear that LoadSpring exceled in this important race:

AWS Azure LoadSpring
Time to complete 19 tests 889 sec (Slowest) 825 sec (2nd slowest) 509 sec (Fastest)
Percentage of time to complete a given task 172% (72% slower than LoadSpring) 162% (62% slower than LoadSpring) 100% (Fastest)

The final report concluded that in strategic tests, LoadSpring was 62-72% faster than Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service. Further, LoadSpring’s 19 years of Project Management application technology expertise resulted in delivering a more refined infrastructure, installation procedures, and best practices that improve performance across the board.

Regarding infrastructure:

  • We constantly test reliability and speed of different hardware to make sure we always use the best in the market.

Our competitive advantage when performing tuning:

  • We understand Project Management software bugs and how they impact database performance.
  • We understand how to optimize applications integrated with Primavera P6 such as P6 Analytics, ETrack, Maxavera, etc.
  • We implement Best Practices for Database tuning, security, and maintenance for Primavera P6.
  • We understand the database resources P6 uses when opening a project, copying a project, creating a baseline, deleting a project, and when running Native Auditing in P6.

Let LoadSpring Fine-Tune Your System

Standardized testing helps LoadSpring determine if your performance challenges are at the Database Layer, the Application Layer, or the Business Process Layer. It also reveals how fast your applications are performing. A big part of this is done using a process called Advanced Performance Management (APM). This LoadSpring offering continually oversees your system’s health and makes intelligent recommendations. LoadSpring goes beyond automatic checks and balances, assigning you an expert Performance Manager to evaluate your platform, report back and achieve consistent speed and efficiency. It’s fine-tuning like this that lets LoadSpring keep your projects and people humming along at peak productivity.

Are you getting all the performance you’re paying for? Connect with LoadSpring and get the right team and the right Cloud, including the market leading LoadSpring Cloud Platform. You can expect more productive and satisfied users, better expert support, and a competitive edge you won’t find with other providers.

Don’t settle for less! Boost productivity and ROI with LoadSpring. Call +1 978.685.9715 or contact us.

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