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On the digital road to success for DOT infrastructure contracts with LoadSpring

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Nearly $1 billion in infrastructure grants was announced at the end of 2021. Already $1.5 billion is available for 2022. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is stepping up funding for America’s roads, bridges, transit, and other projects. These grants are part of the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program (RAISE) in the context of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill recently signed into law by President Biden. LoadSpring’s managed cloud services are an ideal vehicle for helping contractors turn the DOT’s program into reality.

The DOT is clear in “targeting results that directly benefit the American people.” The route to these results is via the physical infrastructure, safety and security, IT infrastructure, and technology and innovation. To support the DOT, the DestinationsDIGITAL program from the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) clicks in with the streamlining of commodity IT services. Cloud services and hosted software are two smart ways to accomplish this streamlining. They can help raise efficiency and productivity, while trimming costs. But, companies need to choose carefully for project internal IT teams. Look for leaders with managed cloud services experience.

DestinationsDIGITAL (D2) and the BHAGs you should know about

If your company is working on these new contracts, D2 has BHAGs that will be relevant for you. But wait… What’s a BHAG, and how do you even pronounce it? A BHAG is a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal,” commonly pronounced as “bee-hag.” It’s a goal with significant value that will likely be a challenge taking some time (years) to meet.

An example of a BHAG? Try DestinationsDIGITAL’s overarching vision, “to be the best IT in government!” But it doesn’t stop there. D2 sets out three priorities – safety, innovation, and infrastructure – and nine further BHAGs that are the “how” of what D2 is designed to accomplish. Two of them are internal: “Strengthen Federal IT Workforce” and “Optimize Administration and Contracts.” The remaining seven, which we discuss below, concern everyone.

How LoadSpring supports D2’s Big Hairy Audacious Goals

At LoadSpring, we love meeting challenges. Here’s how we support the seven D2 BHAGs that affect you.

  1. Deliver Best in Class IT Service. People, processes, technology: LoadSpring puts the best of the best at the service of contractors like you (and all our customers) for an excellent cloud services experience for project and other applications, backed by more than 20 years of expertise.
  2. Leverage Advanced Data Analytics. LoadSpring Cloud Platform has business intelligence and analytics capabilities to bring your project data together from different cloud applications for insights to help you do better business, including those coveted project management S-curves to ensure project success.
  3. Fast, easy, secure deployment. Fast application rollout and assignment means your teams are working as quickly as possible. LoadSpring can host your preferred software to meet your needs today and for the next project, from estimating, scheduling, geospatial to BIM and contract management.
  4. Identify Savings and Cost Avoidance. It’s all part of what we do! For you! From software rationalization like reusing software licenses to avoid additional expense, to managed services that save you and your IT department time, dollars, and human resources.
  5. Deliver and Support Modern Applications. We continually update and upgrade LoadSpring technology stacks to enable you to use the latest and greatest commercial and in-house developed software and project controls.
  6. Shrink IT Footprint. Replace servers on your premises with cloud infrastructure in the LoadSpring Cloud Platform and save on your data center space. And save on worry, headaches, power bills, staffing, and more, all with the assurance of LoadSpring’s rock-solid performance, reliability, availability, and security.
  7. Advance Transportation Cybersecurity. Your data, apps, and cloud resources are safe from hackers, outages, and accidents. That’s how we do data protection, cloud security, and cloud data recovery at LoadSpring to protect your projects and your business.

Your next step (simple, quick, and effective)

Let LoadSpring be your project cloud partner and have the confidence that your DOT projects are expertly supported 24/7. Contact us at LoadSpring now and claim your free cloud readiness assessment valued at $2,500 today.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform™ hosts all the best project controls software that drives project success.  Whether you’re a PM Executive or a Project Manager, you deserve to get more and do more.

Get started today. Contact us here or call US +1 978 685 9715, or UK +44 800 088 5889.

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