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What’s Hot and What’s Not – Latest Trends in Technology

Trends in Technology: Changes Come Fast and Furious

What are the trends in technology these days? Some might say Taylor Swift’s new video, celebrity selfies or that scandalous Episode XLVIII of Game of Thrones.

Ask the IT research devotees at Computer Economics the same thing and they’ll bend your ear about hot IT trends that savvy tech firms are planning now and 18 months out. These industry leanings can predict software adoption rates, Cloud hosting practices, return on IT investments and more. You know, information you can actually use.

Here’s the scoop. Computer Economics conducted an international study that looked at 14 trending technologies. They eyeballed a boatload of companies and asked questions like, “Which technologies are you investing in?” and “How fast are you adopting them?”

The findings were chopped up into several categories, labeling different trends as High Investment/High Adoption, High Investment/Moderate Adoption and Low Investment/Moderate Adoption. You get the idea.

Who’s Spending Money – and on What?

So, which tech tools are companies actually investing in? Which carry the most or least potential? See for yourself how the study weighed spending and adoption trends in three key areas:

High Investment/High Adoption:

  • TABLET COMPUTERS are a hot trend. Organizations like yours are bumping up their investment in tablets because they’re so effective in bringing so much data to so many people. To make it easier to adopt these devices, technologies such as LoadSpringMobileTM let tablet users tap into project data – without the usual complex screen or unneeded information.
  • DATA WAREHOUSING and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (DWBI). More companies are investing here, where they can consolidate information and support big decisions. And when you centralize all that data in the Cloud and access it with LoadSpring’s SpringBoard portal, everyone on your team can up your project success.
  • ERP SOFTWARE turned out to be the most widely adopted business tool in the study. Spending and adoption in this category are on the rise — not just because ERP automates so many processes so well, but because it helps you make better decisions faster. Using our SpringBoard Cloud Portal, organizations are integrating their processes with ERP quickly and easily. For example, combining project data directly into contracting payment information.

High Investment/Moderate Adoption

  • MOBILE APPS. As you’d suspect, these go-to enterprise apps are on a fast track to reach higher levels of adoption. To maximize those applications, an increasing number of organizations are harnessing LoadSpringMobile. With it, they can make mountains of data accessible to everyone in the field in an easy-to-use format they can work with.

Low Investment/Moderate Adoption

  • SOFTWARE-DEFINED STORAGE (SDS). This fast-growing technology is gaining traction in data centers worldwide.  SDS helps manage policy-based provisioning and data management, no matter what hardware is being used. LoadSpring uses the Cloud and three Class A data centers to access SDS remotely and with tightly-controlled access. That way, we can keep even your most sensitive data snug and secure, 24/7.

Risky Business? Or a Nice, Safe ROI?

Will your next technology be a fiscal boom or a big, fat bust? CE’s Economic Experience Analysis helps answer that by reporting 14 technologies based on their risk and reward potential. Two trends worth noting:

LOW RISK/HIGH REWARD: Here are the most attractive technologies that provide higher success rates without terrifying your executive staff or investors:

  • CRM
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Human Capital Management
  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS
  • Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Unified Communications

Don’t forget that Cloud-based services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS provide reliable ROI with manageable risk. And wouldn’t you know it – LoadSpring provides legendary levels of security in each of these categories, allowing you and your team to actually sleep at night.

LOW RISK/MODERATE REWARD: Mobile apps were the only tech solution in this category. Costs are easy to predict, but the benefit of mobile apps can be tricky to quantify. Still, a big leap in productivity justifies the cost of adoption. And one way to heighten that productivity even more is to use LoadSpringMobile, which allows easy access to mobile apps, as well as live project status updates anywhere in the world. Nice.

Who You Gonna Call?

To make the most of these trends in technology, you’ll need a trusted partner to guide you through the rough spots. So think of LoadSpring as your one stop destination for everything mentioned here, including a whopping 200+ Project Management applications. And yes, we can host yours too.

Learn more on how these trends affect you organization.  Send us an email directly to information@loadspring.com

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