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LoadSpring Answers: What is Document Management Software?

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What is Document Management Software?

A document management software is used to receive, track, manage, and store documents on a single online platform.1 Document management software offers history tracking and can keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.2

The Benefits of Document Management Software in the Cloud

  • Ease of access: all your documents are stored in a secure, central location.
  • Less reliance on paper: paper can be costly and wasteful. It’s also more at risk of physical damage and demands a lot of room for storage capacity.3
  • Disaster prevention and recovery: earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can damage paper documents and documents stored on-premise servers, resulting in data loss. Cloud-hosted document systems automatically back up vital and sensitive files. Cloud document storage provides a fail-safe environment for safeguarding all documents and data.4
  • Additional storage capacity: with all your documents stored in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about hosting servers on-premises or paying the recurring costs, such as power consumption and hardware upkeep.
  • Security: cloud document management provides impenetrable security. No one without access can see or modify your documents.5

How LoadSpring’s Document Management Software Can Help

LoadSpring hosts all the best document management apps that save you more time by retrieving and processing essential documents in seconds. No need to worry about recreating lost files. LoadSpring Cloud Platform hosts document management apps, where you can track and control your document processes all in one place. We host your document management applications in the cloud, making them globally accessible to your team. Our Cloud experts manage maintenance updates, which means your organization can focus on running projects instead of managing software.

Cloud-hosted document organization is easy on LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Get in touch with our team for more information or a free demo. Contact us today or request a cloud assessment above.


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