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EcoSys Portfolio, Project, and Cost Management – An Overview

EcoSys Portfolio, Project, and Cost Management – An Overview

EcoSys lets enterprises optimize management across projects and portfolios. It also links to other commonly used applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP). Spreadsheets and silos are out. Consistency and clarity are in, across the enterprise and throughout project lifecycles. EcoSys is used in diverse industries, including construction, utilities, oil & gas, transportation, aerospace, and government.

As an integrated web application, EcoSys brings executive-level and project-level management together into a single solution. Centralized project data allows accurate, real-time insights and reporting for better, faster decisions. Financial, human, and capital resources can be allocated to balance resource capacity and project demand.

EcoSys Portfolios

The integration of project portfolio management (PPM) and project management in EcoSys Portfolios allows visibility and participation by all stakeholders. Enterprises can enhance project portfolio performance, top-down and bottom-up, for greater business value. Executives and project managers can see overall performance, then drill down to investigate performance issues and identify suitable solutions.

Bringing strategic planning and project execution data together also helps optimal selection of projects. Short and long-term capital investment budgets and plans become easier to manage. Unplanned spending is easier to control. Project performance records are used for more accurate estimating of new projects and predictive analysis of future performance.

EcoSys Projects

Anchored in robust industry practices, EcoSys Projects helps enterprises to improve their project performance measurement, forecasts, and achievements. Project teams benefit from the use of standard processes and procedures for better decisions, more predictable outcomes, and greater project success.

All project data is managed by EcoSys Projects in a single database. This central hub provides standard browser-based access to data on cost, schedule, productivity, risk, change, and performance. A built-in business intelligence engine enhances the use of project controls to improve cost and milestone performance. Cash-flow forecasts and resource demand plans are available at any time. Scenarios can be compared to optimize resource allocations and correct possible under or over-utilization.

 EcoSys Contracts

Effective contract management needs up-to-date, easily available contract and project information. EcoSys Contracts lets enterprises control contract costs and streamline interworking between owners, contractors, and subcontractors. Ready to use processes based on industry best practices drive better returns, stronger business relationships, and improved performance.

Used with EcoSys Projects, EcoSys Contracts offers an even more powerful solution for contract management. Contract managers can proactively manage deliverables, costs, changes, risks, and issues. Early identification of possible cost and schedule overruns allows them to avoid delays. EcoSys Mobile as an option extends status and issue reporting to the field. New proposals, bids, and contracts can be optimized through opportunity evaluation with the incorporation of existing bid registers for continuity.

EcoSys Integration

EcoSys software also offers integration options to bring together data from different systems for better project performance visibility and management. Real-time, on-demand data access is available via EcoSys Live Connectors to a range of ERP, procurement, engineering, and other systems. The information is accessed by EcoSys directly in the other system, without the overhead of bulk transfer into EcoSys first.

Other EcoSys integration possibilities include pre-built adaptors to link to SAP and Oracle P6 systems, a web services API for automated data and event transfer, and file-based data imports from HTML, XML, CSV, and Excel formats. Information access is accelerated, and delays and errors are avoided.

EcoSys Cloud Hosting from LoadSpring

LoadSpring offers one of the biggest EcoSys environment deployments of any hosting services provider. LoadSpring’s extensive experience and technology expertise ensures the environment is specifically tuned to optimize EcoSys performance. LoadSpring provides you with extensive service level agreement guarantees covering performance, reliability, and disaster recovery. We are certified for cloud solutions by some of the biggest enterprises in the world and our infrastructure undergoes SOC 2 Type II security certification annually.

Further advantages include trusted security, a unified Cloud, and world class support. LoadSpring also provides location awareness for global position reporting of all users and usage, identity management to enhance user access and account management, and LOADSPRING Academy with online product training for users. We also offer a unified support experience for EcoSys that centralizes support requests, metrics, and notification actions for overall transparency and consistency.

Talk to us today to find out more about how EcoSys can improve your portfolio, project, and contract performance, backed up by the security, robustness, and performance of LoadSpring hosting.

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