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Do You Have a Gold Medal Cloud Strategy?

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are finally here after a year-long delay. Like many other events affected by the pandemic, things are challenging, including the “no spectators”  policy. But the games will play on. The world’s top athletes are poised to face off in one of the oldest and fiercest competitions in history. And the absent roar of the crowds, the chants, and the cheering will sharply focus the audience’s attention on the athletes’ performance.

Olympic-class athletes can train a lifetime for a single chance to compete. They learn to cope with and control stressors, block out distractions, adapt to adverse circumstances, and respond to coaching. They must consistently strive to break the next record. Rain, wind, lack of fans – they’re ready to compete.

Your business’ cloud strategy should prepare your business to perform like an Olympic athlete. It takes the right combination of factors:  winning mindset, talent, agility, and a great coach.

The winning mindset

What does it mean to have an Olympic mindset? It means approaching everything you do as if the Olympics is today, yesterday, tomorrow, any day, every day. Every cloud strategy you’ve ever thought of doing or will do is part of what you are doing today. Start by making your race day checklist:

  • Don’t rely on your talent alone. LoadSpring’s expertise in infrastructure and project apps ensures fast response time.
  • Generate momentum with practice. You can reach your goal by pacing yourself. To find out what that pace should be, why not check out our paper, “What is Your Cloud Maturity Level?
  • Take action. Competitive athletes may wonder if they’ll win the gold, but they’ll never know unless they try. Being risk-averse and over-analyzing can mean missing an opportunity to succeed. You can gain a competitive advantage when you take action to find a partner who can reduce IT risk, improve time to value and provide built-in analytics to enhance your competitive edge.

Build your Olympic class team

Competition demands top talent. Winning teams will dominate and work in parity as they combine the speed and strength of all their players.  Throughout project-intensive industries like AEC, manufacturing, and utilities, a complex infrastructure of teams, each with specialized roles, works robustly in perfect coordination. Your cloud strategy also demands an innovative and expert team that perfectly aligns business leaders, project leaders, and IT leaders with project teams, project owners, and project tools.

Whatever your level of cloud maturity, whatever move towards digital transformation you have in mind, LoadSpring has gold-medal-level Olympic talent to propel your company’s game into the stratosphere. We have:

  • 20+ years of managed cloud solutions and hosting experience.
  • Cloud experts that guide you towards the gold medal.
  • Support when you need it, quickly and with a personal touch.

Build your winning team with LoadSpring’s elite-level cloud solutions that can help improve hosted application performance, efficiency, and agility, reduce cost, and help you add business intelligence for fast and informed decision-making. You be the judge with our free evaluation.

Clearing hurdles with agility

Gymnastics is one of the most popular Summer Olympics sports to watch. We are in awe as gymnasts handspring across the balance beam with extraordinary speed, precision, and strength. Tension mounts, knowing that it all could come crashing down at the slightest loss of balance. One can only imagine the amount of power and focus required to launch gracefully into the air, catch the heavily powdered uneven bars and complete a dizzying array of skills. The agility and adaptability boggle the mind.

Businesses faced with similarly daunting hurdles, like a pandemic, for instance, caused companies to build muscles in critical areas to make a return to the workplace and profitability. Companies can get the most out of their cloud strategy if they choose to find the right cloud partner and improve their technology stack with an agile approach to cloud transformation that minimizes the need to make far-reaching leaps. Instead, this approach allows you to test and revise with each sprint. Managed services with LoadSpring’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) approach helps you adapt your course as you progress through your cloud journey.

Success factors to consider are:

  1. Creation of workforce flexibilitymanaged cloud services like LoadSpring’s have built-in tools to streamline productivity.
  2. Leveraging cloud-hosted software:  delivered through our flagship LoadSpring Cloud Platform™, this cloud innovation allows for simplified remote work and better software performance. 
  3. Using scalable, offsite infrastructure:  storing corporate data in a centralized, secure manner allows for automated backup, disaster recovery, and 24/7/365 support. 

For more on maintaining business agility, read our white paper on scaling in a crisis.

Coaching for the win

Coaches are integral to the Olympic dream. They instill the tools the competitors need to succeed. They have first-hand experience of overcoming failure. They’re the authority on setting and achieving reasonable yet challenging goals. They will push to the limits while providing ongoing support with a constant feedback loop of performance monitoring to achieve gold medals.

This year, 1500 meter freestyle contender Katie Ledecky has a chance of becoming the most successful female Olympian of all time. Due credit goes to the coaching she received at Stanford University that helped shape her raw talent and inspire her to push her performance into a class of its own.

Going with a managed cloud service provider like LoadSpring means having a world-class coach. One that can successfully ensure faster application deployment and data migration into your cloud, and continuously optimize your software performance, the way a great coach can bring the best out of an athlete. LoadSpring’s cloud-hosted project management is 100% focused on you. When your project software is running at Olympic-level performance, your teams can be at their best, too.

At LoadSpring, we do what it takes to guarantee high performance and high availability through LoadSpring Cloud PlatformTM. Explore our customer success stories to learn why leading companies across industries choose LoadSpring to coach them through their toughest challenges.

They know that compared to AWS and Azure, LoadSpring hosted software comes in 60% faster. Paired with ongoing performance tuning and world-class customer support, LoadSpring takes you to the finish line ahead of the competition every time.

We’ll see you at the closing ceremonies

Cloud adoption can seem like a very high hurdle to clear. With LoadSpring talent, coaching, and performance, your business can carry the Olympic torch to all reaches of the globe! If you would like to go for the gold with a winning cloud strategy, contact us to see how we can elevate your game.

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