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2019 – The Year of the Cloud

Cloud Solution Trends You Can’t Ignore

About the time that Chinese calendars move from 2018’s Year of the Dog to 2019’s Year of the Pig, trendsetting enterprises everywhere will mark their own ‘Year of the Cloud’ with timely enhancements to the way they do business. Check out some of 2019’s Cloud predictions and solutions:

Prediction: Cloud Solutions Will Grow Like Crazy 

Keeping up with the latest Cloud offerings will become a superhuman feat, so mere mortals will be wise not to go it alone.


  • Businesses will be more willing to turn to outside experts for help. For example, many are already connecting with LOADSPRING to set up their ideal Cloud environment.
  • Companies will demand better control of their mushrooming apps, data and licenses. The LOADSPRING Cloud Platform will assure ease of use and scalability, keeping all those technical ducks in a row.
  • Speed will be king. As the market’s Cloud hosting leader, LOADSPRING will continue to provide 62-75% faster access than Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Service.
  • Sub-par Cloud performance won’t be tolerated. LOADSPRING’s Advanced Performance Management (APM) will help by continually monitoring Cloud system performance.

Prediction: Watch for a Huge Shift to Hybrid Clouds 

Experts forecast that in just one year, 90% of enterprises will adopt some form of Hybrid Cloud1. But transitioning can be a royal pain – unless you score some expert guidance.


  • Project Management-intensive companies will reach out to top Cloud partners, looking for new solutions. LOADSPRING will assist them by custom- building a Perfect Cloud to maximize software investments and streamline complex projects.

Prediction: New Business Models Will Take Precedence Over Cost Cutting 

Companies will no longer perceive IT cost reduction as the main advantage of using the Cloud. Instead, they’ll use it to adopt business models that increase efficiency and flexibility.

More Trends

  • Key decision-makers will enlist new resources to add Cloud-forward and SAAS-forward strategies to their business models. LOADSPRING will help boost project efficiency while improving software ROI.
  • The LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM offers features like LOADSPRINGInsight which will let you collect and extrapolate project data from multiple applications simultaneously, allowing for faster, better-informed business decisions.

Throughout 2019, enterprises like yours will see that the Year of the Cloud can also be the Year of Profitable Butt-Kicking.

1. Hybrid Cloud growth estimates as reported through Gartner.com.

Find out how LOADSPRING can keep your business on an upward trajectory. Email us at information@loadspring.com or call now +1 978-685-9715.

A Technophobe’s Guide to New Technologies

The Early Adopter Gets the Worm

Technophobia (tek-nə-ˈfō-bē-ah) is the fear of advanced technology or complex systems and devices. Industries like construction, engineering and others seem especially prone to this crazy fear. Why? As one project manager put it, “we’ve never done it that way before.”

But if you want a competitive edge, you’ve got to shake off that anxiety and adopt the newest Project Management software, Cloud-forward solutions and other techy tools of the trade. Consider these reasons to get over it and get on with it:

Adopt or Die 

  • Companies that don’t harness top technologies won’t have the winning advantages it takes to survive today’s fast-changing market.Pump Up Those Benefits: Millennials expect them. You’ll lure more candidates by offering flex hours, generous health plans, vacation time, etc.
  • Businesses thrive best by embracing new advances like BIM, VR, Project Management software and mobile devices. These and other innovations improve your scheduling, planning, communication and collaboration efforts to boost productivity.
  • LOADSPRING can lead you out of the Dark Ages. We’ll introduce you to the latest in Cloud technology – the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM – which gives you seamless access to all your projects, software, data and teams worldwide. Our experts will even test each new app to assure productivity and adoptability before you buy or deploy.

Smarter Tech Attracts Smarter People

  • During the last recession, legions of workers in construction and similar trades left the industry and never came back. Since then, project technologies have grown faster than dandelions in a fertilizer factory. Recruiting enough young, tech-knowledgeable employees to match that growth isn’t easy.
  • Luckily, when you invest in the latest solutions, you are roughly 2.9 zillion times more likely to attract tech-aware employees, who in turn attract new business.
  • Lay your tech phobias aside. LOADSPRING can build you a faster, more efficient and more intelligent infrastructure. And as they say, if you build it, clients will come.

Stagnant Tech = Stagnant Productivity

    • Industries like construction and others, by their own admission, haven’t become much more productive than they were during the Truman administration.
    • By adopting new technologies, other sectors like manufacturing and farming have improved productivity in leaps and bounds. How? They welcomed change.
    • With today’s projects becoming more complex, there’s just no wiggle room for less-than-perfect scheduling, planning and team collaboration.
    • LOADSPRING can help by creating an ideal Cloud environment — leveraging technology like BIM and Project Management productivity software to crank up project efficiencies.

Moral of the story? You’ll never have to fear leaping these technical hurdles alone. Our seasoned Cloud gurus can have your upgraded infrastructure and tech tools up and running in no time. We’ll even help your teams to quickly adopt new software through The LOADSPRING Academy – our intuitive Campus in the Clouds.

Come in from the cold of Old Tech and into the warmth of Tomorrow’s Technology. Email us at information@loadspring.com or call +1 978-685-9715.

Secrets of the Global Cloud

A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Going Global

Trying to incorporate a Global Cloud solution within your enterprise is a lot like stumbling through a gigantic maze. Which way do I turn? Is that a dead end? Have I covered this ground before? And where the hell did I park??

But like most puzzles, finding help from someone who’s been there/done that can ease the confusion. In this case, the experienced help comes from LOADSPRING. We can guide you through the twists and turns of unifying all your Project Management software, data and far-flung workforce around the world.

Consider What a Global Cloud Solution Can Do for Your Business

  • Unify and boost the performance of widely dispersed teams around the world
  • Get PM apps closer to global users, improving software adoption and collaboration
  • Assure worldwide security and disaster recovery in the event of a breach or a data center that bites the dust

What to Look for in a Global Cloud Provider

  • A customized Cloud with everything in a one-stop package
  • Top security including anti-virus protection to block evil hackers
  • Centralized 24/7/365 support across global environments
  • Easy app integration to make your job easier, faster and more efficient
  • A Cloud platform that unifies all your people and programs, and has an automatic administration and reporting feature

Unlike some providers, LOADSPRING offers all of the above, including our near-magical LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM.

Make Sure You Have the Right Global Cloud Environment

Shared Cloud – Ideal when you work with a small application base, have few or no integrations, and need to support a limited number of users.

Private Cloud – Best for more complex software with integrations and multiple applications. Works well with apps that need to “speak” with each other, and when you have 3rd parties who need software access, developments and added security.

Global Cloud – The one to choose when you have worldwide business requirements and a large global workforce with widely dispersed teams. Also offers multiple Data Centers and one centralized source of administration.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when looking for a Global Cloud solution. For any other imaginable question, give us a call or drop a line.

Let LOADSPRING custom-tailor the Perfect Cloud for your enterprise. Call +1 978-685-9715 or email us at information@loadspring.com.

Elecosoft UK Rocks


Our valued Partner, Elecosoft UK Ltd earned the “Project Management/Planning Product of the Year” award for its Powerproject® software for the 5th year in a row at the Construction Computing Awards ceremony.

The event was held last November in London and reflects Elecosoft’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative, market-leading solutions.

To add the Powerproject app to your software portfolio, ask LOADSPRING to incorporate it into your Perfect Cloud.

Check out software from Elecosoft UK by calling us at +1 978-685-9715 or by sending an email to information@loadspring.com.

Brand Spanking New LOADSPRING Clients

Look who just started reaping the benefits of the LOADSPRING inner circle:

  • Gannett Fleming, Inc.
  • Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Pacifico Energy K.K.
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
  • Rockwell Automation Chile S.A.
  • GeoSpatial Cooperatief – Thames Tideway
  • Vanderlande Industries, Inc
  • Humphreys and Associates, Inc.
  • American Water Works Company, Inc.
  • Sir Robert McAlpine
  • TSP Projects

If your enterprise isn’t one of the 4,000+ global companies who’ve jumped into the LOADSPRING Cloud, call us at +1 978-685-9715 or drop an email to information@loadspring.com.

Extending Our Innovation Powerhouse

Nothing propels a company further than a culture of innovation. LOADSPRING’s newest team members are laser focused and ready to break new ground:

  • Tomo Goda, Software Support Specialist

Hey there, smart person. Are you ready to insert your tech-savvy self into the growing LOADSPRING family? Tell us about your stellar qualifications! Point your browser to loadspring.com/careers or email us at information@loadspring.com.

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