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LoadSpring Cloud Platform 9.0 Is Here!

LoadSpring Cloud Platform Project Management

How Did We Get Here?

LoadSpring Cloud Platform is the flagship cloud computing product of LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. It is your one cloud platform with infinite business solutions.

The platform’s 20 years of evolution and the latest features tie directly to project-intense enterprises’ ever-changing needs in the highly demanding industries of architecture, engineering and construction, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

Some of the critical factors for the considerable success of LoadSpring Cloud Platform have been:

  • Cloud-hosted software. We specialize in hosting big-project management software, but we can host just about anything. Some of the highest-end software out there, such as BIM/CAD applications— we host with ease. Software hosted in our cloud platform runs faster, needs no maintenance on your part, is more accessible, and is more secure.
  • Business intelligence is made easy. LoadSpring Cloud Platform has cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools built right in. We also host whatever BI or analytics applications you might want, which means you can corral your data in our cloud, create a data lake, and benefit from insights in record time.
  • Custom Cloud Experience. Via LoadSpring Cloud platform, you have a dizzying array of cloud options available at your fingertips. “Scalability” may land center square in buzzword bingo, but it sure is nice to be able to ramp your cloud capabilities up or down with the flick of a virtual switch. Shared or private cloud, big or small, we’ve got you covered.
  • Built-in Security and Support. Your data and applications are under many layers of cloud security measures; they’re easily accessible to you and impenetrable to bad actors. Not only that – our support team is on duty 24/7/365 to ensure your business has what it needs to keep operating at peak efficiency.

Now, the Best Version Ever!

We’ve listened to how our customers want to use cloud computing services. With plenty of functionality and cloud security features already in place, LoadSpring Cloud Platform version 9.0 enhances user experience, letting you work more effectively with next-level optimization and innovation.

  • No more hourglass! We have lightning-fast load times to power data-rich BI reporting, graphs, analytics, support cases, and more. We optimized how data works in the background so that your cloud experience has next to no wait times.
  • Multi-factor logins. This feature adds security and flexibility and works via email and SMS.
  • Powerful and intuitive bulk operations. Admins can now add or update multiple users with a click. They can assign and enable applications to them, change user attributes, and more – all driven through a clean, easy-to-use interface.
  • Easy file management. The user interface is sleek, intuitive, and powerful. The new web interface allows for rapid uploads and file sharing with your Project Team and allows you to control them effortlessly.
  • Integrated training. This fluid interface allows you to upload training content in a snap, so your teams can learn what they need on the go.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform 9.0 elevates your cloud innovation to a new level.

Your Future Is in the Cloud

As enterprises have had to adapt to disruption on every front, they learned the game-changer is the cloud. Enterprises that were not cloud-first grappled with the reality of the necessity for a cloud solution. Organizations can advance their cloud maturity; with a future proof cloud platform and a model that provides professional support and reduced steps for internal IT, businesses will be better equipped to move to the cloud.

If your company is not using cloud computing services and struggling to streamline processes, we can provide you the best options to immediately and securely shift with agility. Expect more, get more, and do more with LoadSpring and LoadSpring Cloud Platform 9.0. Accelerate your digital transformation strategy. Contact us today. Call + 1.978.685.9715 (US) or + 44.800.088.5889 (UK).

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