ENR Webinar | Do You Know How To Get To The Cloud?

September 24, 2015 Webinar

In an industry where much work happens in the field, architecture, construction and engineering project managers and their teams increasingly are reaching for, and even inventing mobile software and devices with the goal of integrating field data and communications into their companies’ information ecosystems.

But integration can be a tough nut to crack and a lot of potentially helpful field tools are dropped after even successful pilots and trials, leaving teams still stuck in their old ways. ENR will sit down with a panel of architecture, construction and engineering project controls specialists to ask for their secrets to innovating with success.

ENR will convene a panel of construction industry experts who have made the move and ask them to tell us how they minimized the risk during the transition, and what they have learned—and gained—by moving project management to the cloud.


Eric Leighton
President and CEO, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.


Chris O’Grady
Burns & McDonnell

John Griffiths, P.E.
Mazzetti, In

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